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Dosh App – How To Save Money On Your Next Take-Out Order!

Dosh App – How To Save Money On Your Next Take-Out Order!

Dosh is a cash back app that finds you money while you are shopping (online and in-store), dining out, and traveling.

This app is simple to use:

  1. Download the app    
  2. Link your credit card
  3. Live your life.


how dosh app works

What is the Dosh App?

The Dosh App connects you with merchants and other businesses in your community to offer you money back on the spending you do every day. Dosh partners with hundreds of top retailers, including Sam’s Club, Sephora, Bark Box and more.

Is the Dosh App legit?

Of course!  The Dosh app will search for all available deals on every credit card transaction you make after you link your credit card to your Dosh account. Go here and read about their security standards if linking your credit card makes you nervous.

dosh app security

How to use the Dosh App:

The Dosh cash back app is a smartphone app that gives you cash back whenever you shop with your credit card(s) at participating stores. After completing a purchase, you will receive cash back whenever you shop online, in-store, and when you travel.

Plus,  you can:

  • Earn $10 for referring new users
  • Earn $1 for every new credit card you sign up

dosh app cash back

Does Dosh really pay?

Yes!  Dosh requires a minimum amount of $25 for cashing out. It will pay via PayPal, Venmo, or direct deposit. Once you reach the minimum required amount, you are eligible to request payment and you will receive the money within 2 to 3 business days.

Note – some offers may take some time before they show up in your account.  This is especially true for online orders, which can take up to 90 days.  So don’t fret if you don’t see your cash back in your account tally right away.  Many stores like to wait until after their time frame to return an item before they will verify the purchase.

Dosh app brands

Next time your order take-out, you can earn cash back!

It is really easy to see what kind of restaurant offers are available in your area.  When you are on the app, just type in “restaurants” and your zip code and search to see the current offers available.  This may persuade you to try a new place, or get extra cash back on a restaurant that is already one of your favorite places.

In-Store Black Friday Deals May Become A Thing Of The Past

Dosh has plenty of in-store offers available as well, but they are really trying to focus on creating more offers for online shopping.  Why?

Well, the upcoming 2020 holiday shopping season may look very different from previous years.

Stores like Macy’s, Target, and Walmart are changing their “Black Friday” strategy because shopping in-doors with large crowds just isn’t a healthy option this year with the pandemic.  You can read more about what major retail stores have up their sleeves for this year’s holiday shopping season. 

Bottom line is that we are going to see more online deals over a longer period of time, and not just on “Black Friday.”

Because of this, you’ll want to download your Dosh app now so that when those sales start to come out, you can shop through this app and save even more!

What Is The Dosh App Referral Program?

One more way you can earn money by using the Dosh app is by telling your friends about it!  Send an e-mail or share on social media to your friends how you’ve earned cash back from Dosh.  If your friend decides to use the app, you’ll earn $10 for each referral after they have made their first purchase!

Do Offers Change on Dosh?

Yes!  I remember when I first joined, I was earning points for getting gas at Exxon stations.  That deal is no longer available. 

But I’ve been told by one of the employees at Dosh that they are putting out new offers all the time, including bringing back cash back for shopping at Walmart.  Another HOT offer I see right now is $20 cash back for signing up for a new Costco Membership!! 

Plus they will be rolling out more and more online shopping deals, especially as we get closer to the biggest shopping season of the year!

If you want an easy way to earn cash back, then download the Dosh app  today, link up your credit card, and start earning!

You could earn $25 in no time and use that to pay for your next meal out, save it for Christmas shopping, or use it to pay off some debt.

No receipt uploads are needed.  No loyalty cards needed.  No coupon hunting.  Just shop through the app with no extra steps, and watch your cash back add up with no extra work!!

DOWNLOAD Your Dosh App HERE Today!

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