Glow Sticks Free Printable Valentine Cards: “You Light Up My Life Valentine”

Glow Sticks Free Printable Valentine Cards: “You Light Up My Life Valentine”

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 free printable valentines card

Here is an affordable and super fun non-candy Valentine’s idea for you that includes free printable valentines card!  

Head to the Dollar Tree – and grab some glow sticks!  What kid doesn’t love a glow stick, right?  They are cheap, and this is a great non-candy gift idea for Valentine’s day!

Materials Needed:

 free printable valentines card

Here is your “You Light Up My Life Valentine” FREE Valentine’s Printable foldable card.  Just click on the link and download it to your desktop.  

Then right click on the file and select to print it.  Be sure to select that you want it to fit the page.  I printed on card stock, but you could use normal copy paper as well.

 free printable valentines card

Fold the paper “hamburger” style first, and then fold it in half again to create a card.

You could just cut out the text and attach it as a tag if you do not want this as a fold-able card.

 free printable valentines card

Then get a single hole puncher and punch it once in the corner.  String the curling ribbon through the card hold and on the glow stick packaging hole and tie a knot.  Then grab a pair of scissors and pull on the ribbon to curl it up. Pull the ribbon across the scissors blade while continuing to press with your thumb.

You need to make sure that you do this quickly. The pressure of your thumb plus pulling the plastic ribbon will cause the ribbon to curl.

You can also embellish the front of your card with some Valentine stickers – I had some heart stickers that I added.  Then you can write a personalized message on the inside of the card!

 free printable valentines card

Now on Valentine’s day morning, my girls will be reminded that they daily bring me light and joy – and to remind them to be a light wherever they go as well.  🙂

You can even add a folded dollar bill or two in the shape of  a heart!  Check out my Facebook Live video where I put it all together!

valentines for kids using glow sticks

valentine wreath

Looking for other crafty ideas for Valentine’s Day?  Check out this Valentine Burlap and Yarn Wreath!

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  1. Excellent printables, thanks so much! As a mom of 3, I’ve been looking for activities like these a lot more lately, being stuck at home. Gonna give these a shot!