The Top 5 Secret Cleaning Hacks for TIRED Moms!!

The Top 5 Secret Cleaning Hacks for TIRED Moms!!

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What I’m about to share with you are EASY Cleaning hacks that are LIFE CHANGING!  These actually aren’t just one-off hacks (like pouring coke in your toilet) – but a whole new system to clean your house with ZERO toxic chemicals!  The best part is, it makes cleaning faster and easier – which is good news for all of us TIRED moms!!!

The first thing I want you to do is to watch this demo video on how using a general purpose e-cloth and water is good enough to clean up raw chicken! 

This was the same demo I watched (done by someone else at the time) that convinced me to completely transform the way I clean my home and I’ll never go back to what I used to do!



AMAZING, RIGHT???!!! PLUS – since you are just using water and this cloth to clean – NO MORE toxic spray cleaners needed!!!

Also, NO MORE paper towels!  That is a huge money saver!

Get your general purpose e-cloth in your hands by ordering HERE!

All orders over $20 ship for FREE!

I really wish the answer to easy spring cleaning was just to wave a magic wand and my house would be spotless.

A close second would be to hire a house cleaner and just tell that person to do it for me. But that is not in the budget. So…..*with a big SIGH*…..the only answer left is to actually do the spring cleaning in my home myself.  

And you know what?  That does not sound like fun to me.  I’m a tired mom, have 2 girls under the age of 10, and the thought of cleaning my widows, dusting cobwebs, and mopping under my furniture sounds like as much fun as getting a root canal (and I’ve had a root canal once where the Novocaine didn’t totally work – talk about not fun!)

I’m going to show you my favorite top 5 e-cloth products  – the secret cleaning hacks you need for cleaning your home faster and safer!

  1. General Purpose e-cloth – this is the e-cloth signature product made of microfiber that is so small, that it is 1000x finer than cotton. It removes 99% of bacteria from surfaces using just water.  

Some of you may already have put two and two together and said, wait a minute  –  I thought she loved Norwex products, so why is she writing about  e-cloth now?  Well, I finally made the switch. 

I did it for a two main reasons. 

One, Norwex told me I could no longer put any info about their company on my blog unless my blog was 100% about Norwex. 

The second reason I switched is that I pride myself on finding high-quality products at good prices. 

I realize that e-cloth does not have the product variety that Norwex does, but when you can get a 4-pack of general purpose e-clothes for $19.99 (that’s $5 per cloth!) and shipping is free – compared to getting one Norwex Envirocloth for $17.99 PLUS shipping- its an easy choice.  E-cloths work just as well as Norwex Envirocloths do (see my demo video above) – so why not get the same thing for way less of a cost!!!!

2. The next must-have e-cloth product is the glass polishing cloth.

This cloth is the hidden secret to getting STREAK FREE WINDOWS each and every time you clean them!

When you use e-cloth products to clean your windows – you use just water (no glass cleaner), and you get the cleanest glass with a STREAK FREE shine like I’ve never seen before! 

To use it, you first can take the window cloth and wipe off any dirt, grime, and finger prints. Then you take your glass polishing cloth and wipe your window dry (or mirror, or TV screen) until you get a perfectly smooth, streak-free shine.

Get your window cloth 2-pack by ordering HERE!  All orders over $20 ship for FREE!

3. The next product I believe every home needs is the High Performance Dusting Glove.

When it is “spring cleaning” season, that means not only should I be dusting shelves and TV’s like I normally do, but now I need to focus on areas like:

  • the top of bookshelves
  • the top of the refrigerator
  • the nooks and crannies in wood furniture that don’t get a weekly dusting
  • my bed frame that likes to collect hidden dust
  • the biggest pain of all – shades that cover the windows!

The chore I like least doing around my house is dusting.  But it has become way less painful for me now that I have this dusting glove!

If you get an e-cloth dusting glove, it is recommended that you actually get two – one for each hand.

That way you can just walk around (no sprays needed!) and wipe off any area that needs dusting with each hand – cutting your dusting time in half since both hands are at work at the same time!  

One swipe of each glove and all of the dust gets picked up!  

This is a fantastic job to even pass off to the kids!  I still don’t find dusting to be a super-duper good time, but this glove sure does make it easier. If dusting becomes a bit more tolerable of a chore, then I am way more likely to dust rather than pretend like I don’t see the dust build-up.  (I have become a master at pretending I don’t see it by the way!)

Get this e-cloth Dusting Glove into your hands by ordering HERE.

All orders over $20 ship for FREE!

4.  The fourth product that has made my life way easier when it comes to cleaning is the Washing Up Pad.

The e-cloth Washing Up Pad has one side which easily cuts through grease on crockery and cutlery and a non-scratch side for pots & pans.

  • A dual-sided pad for washing up. Streak-free cleaning and non-scratch scrubbing
  • The smooth side easily cuts through grease and grime. The scrubbing side makes light work of stuck-on food residues
  • Safe on non-stick finishes
  • Removes over 99% of bacteria

I have one of these on my sink and use it all day long to wipe down my counter tops!

Get this Washing Up Pad into your hands by ordering HERE.

All orders over $20 ship for FREE!

5.  I think the product I love the most is The Deep Clean Mop!

If you are looking to wash your floors, then take your wet mop pad (the blue pad), get it damp in the sink, and clean your floors with ease with this lightweight mop.  NO harsh chemicals needed – just water!!  The microfiber in the pad picks up 99% of the bacteria!

Time for another price comparison: 

The Norwex Mop system costs $112.

The e-cloth Deep Clean Mop costs $39.99! 

It’s a no-brainer which one to choose! 

I have both the Norwex and e-cloth mop – the e-cloth mop is lighter, wipes smooth on my floors, and is my favorite microfiber cleaning product!!!  Oh, and did I mention you save $72.01 for getting the e-cloth mop instead!  Even the replacement mop pads are way cheaper!  Each e-cloth mop pad can be used for up to 300 washes – so it will take a very long time to even need a replacement pad.  

Before I was introduced to the world of cleaning with microfiber and water, I used to use the Shark Steam mop to clean my floors.  The e-cloth Deep Clean Mop by FAR exceeds my Shark Steam Cleaner mop in these ways:

  • It’s much lighter!
  •  I don’t have to plug anything in.
  •  The pad picks up more than the Shark steam mop did.  
  • PLUS this mop fits perfectly behind my toilet – a hard to reach area that the Shark Mop could not clean.  

If you don’t have a steam mop but use something like a Swiffer instead, the e-cloth Deep Clean Mop is cheaper overall because you aren’t using disposable wipes!

Get this Deep Cleaning Mop into your hands by ordering over HERE.  All orders over $20 ship for FREE!

These products seriously have put a smile on my face when I think about how much easier it is to clean using e-cloth products.

 I would love it if you all would just give them a try and experience it for yourself!!   

These products are spreading like wildfire and you are bound to know someone in person that already owns one of these products – so ask them for their opinion as well!

I have a great free resource for you on 35+ ways you can use your general purpose e-cloth in your house.

Fill out the form below and you’ll get this sent to your inbox where you can print it out and hang it on your refrigerator!



Tired Moms: Here Are The Top 5 Secrets to EASY Spring Cleaning! This has changed my life and now brings me joy when I clean!

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