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My personal thoughts and note about living your best life at Happy Deal – Happy Day!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!




My list of what I’m thankful for is unending!  I’m looking forward to spending my Thanksgiving day preparing side dishes for my family Thanksgiving feast.  I won’t be doing any deal shopping or posting any deals today.  I hope you are able to enjoy your day, relax, and reflect on what you are thankful for.

I will get up bright and early tomorrow though and post all the great online Black Friday deals that will be bountiful!  I’m hoping to help all of my fellow shoppers who prefer to get deals from home, online, and in your jammies!  I have never actually gone out and fought the crowds on Black Friday – just not my thing.  But I’m all about online Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal shopping!

Enjoy your day, and meet me back here in the morning for some hot deals, promo codes and coupons!  If you are still planning on what deals to grab – be sure to check out all of the Black Friday Ads OVER HERE!

Update Post Surgery….

  Last week Wednesday I filled everyone in on surgery I was having on the 29th. I thought I’d only be in the hospital for one night – it turned into 3.   Pain has been way more difficult to manage that I anticipated and my energy level is just starting to climb above zero.… Continue Reading

My Make-over is in Progress….

Hi everyone! I’m sure you have noticed that things around here look a bit different.  My site is in the middle of a major make-over!  Things may be a bit bumpy for a bit, but will look just perfect ASAP!  I’m hoping everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving tomorrow!  I’m gearing up and getting ready to… Continue Reading