Juggling and Adjusting!  And a really sweet Newborn Picture!  :)

Juggling and Adjusting! And a really sweet Newborn Picture! :)

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Yes – she is mine!!!  I’m still in awe that this precious bundle is all mine!!!  🙂

I’m sure every mom out there understands why I titled this post “Juggling and Adjusting” – because that is what I feel like I’m doing all day (and night) now.

I’m not complaining – just stating a fact.  Reality is that this experience is a complete 180 from when I had my first daughter.  This delivery was fast and my body has recovered very quickly.   I’m loving every moment snuggling my precious Molly when I can.

But I’m still juggling naps and feeding times with my 2 week old.  Hannah, my 3 year old, seems way more demanding than normal (although that is probably just in my head since I have a baby to focus on too.)  But she has had some potty “accidents” since we’ve brought home her little sister, that is what I’m guessing her way of demanding attention.  We also have a sick cat and have had to make 2 trips to the vet since we’ve gotten home.

I’m again not complaining – I could be in the shadows of darkness suffering with postpartum anxiety as I did with my first.  I’m not there this time, and so all of the other “craziness” of life is just normal, and even laughable.  Since I can use the term “laughable” I know I’m doing just fine.

And if you had a baby as beautiful as Molly – wouldn’t you be doing just fine too??  🙂

Thanks for hanging in with me as deals are sporadic.  Thanks to Crystal for her help and for the few free moments I may have during the day to put up a post or two.  Don’t worry – blogging is actually relaxing for me, so I’m not stressing out over getting deals “out there.”   So if you do see a post from me – you can know I had some quiet “mom” time and didn’t need a nap instead.  🙂

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  1. I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing well this time. I had a hellish first week with Jacob–not from PPD, but because he was in the hospital and it was so hard to rest and enjoy the time we had with him–and it was a total 180 with Carter this time…just amazingly awesome and blissful. And knowing what you went through last time, I was SO hoping that you’d get the new baby experience you missed out on before. So happy to hear you are 🙂