How To Get Free Gift Cards Using The Drop Cash Back App – No Loyalty Cards Needed!

How To Get Free Gift Cards Using The Drop Cash Back App – No Loyalty Cards Needed!

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Looking for a new way on how to get free gift cards?

I recently just downloaded the Drop app to try it out and learn how I can get free gift cards using it.  Drop is an easy-to-use app that lets you earn free gift cards for the money you’re already spending – with no extra steps like using a loyalty card or uploading pictures of receipts.

 To start, you’ll need to download the app, open it up and create a profile by entering some basic information.

Then you’ll be prompted to link a credit or debit card.  Drop works by lining up purchases you make on your card with offers you’ve connected to on the Drop app. That means you don’t need any loyalty cards or upload receipts or take pictures of receipts to get rewards on Drop!  You just link your card and go about your business while Drop earns you points in the background.

Earning points through Drop when you shop is simple. Sometimes there are special offers that you need to click through the app to get points for.  Just open the app, select the brand’s offer, and continue the checkout flow through the app as you normally would. That’s it!!  Once you finish checkout, Drop will take care of the rest and add the points to your account once your transaction clears.  Want to know MY FAVORITE PART of this is that each week when I order my weekly Walmart Groceries – I earn $3 when I click through the Drop app first!  That’s $150 a year for just shopping through Drop!  That could be 3 $50 gift cards (I’ll earn this year) that I can use on myself or as gifts!  AWESOME!

(and that’s just one way to use this app!)

Pro Tip: To maximize your earnings through the app, make sure to engage in Drop’s survey and arcade features as well. Here, you’ll be able to earn a ton of reward points with very little effort at all.  I just took a 5 question survey (that took me about 2 minutes) and earned 15 points instantly.  This is so perfect for when you are in the waiting room, or have time to kill and want to do something productive on your phone rather than randomly scroll through Facebook (that earns you ZERO points!)

Now its time to start earning points

When you sign up and use the code 6ats6 you will automatically get enough points to equal $5!!  Now all you have to do is shop with your linked card at the brands you’ve designated and the points will pop into your account.  Within 24-48 hours of me getting gas at Seven Eleven, my points popped up in my account.  After just one week using this app, and shopping at places I would normally, I’ve earned 351 (not including the bonus 500 points I should get from an Amazon purchase which was a special deal they offered.)

Again, I shop weekly at Walmart and use their Grocery pick-up service.   I’m if shopping through Drop, then to Walmart, then to Walmart grocery, I get 3,000 points added to my account instantly!  Again, if I use this each week – that’s like getting 3 $50 gift cards for free this time next year!!  (if I save my points.)

ALSO NOTE:  If you’ve used this app in 2019, you had “Power Offers.”  These are no longer available in 2020!

Start spending points and get free gift cards

Once you’ve earned 5,000 points at a minimum, you can begin exchanging them for free gift cards at various retailers. The exchange rate is consistent across the board—5,000 points gets you a $5.00 gift card. You can exchange points in multiples of 5,000. So, for example, you can spend 40,000 points for a $40 Amazon gift card.

This may seem like a lot, but as you’ll see in my experience below, you can find sweet deals that give you an absurd amount of points for things you were going to buy anyway.  The goal is to link your card and go about your daily routine then reap the rewards of doing nothing different with your spending.  If you save up all of your points now, and cash in for gift cards come November, your Christmas gift budget could be significantly lowered just by using this app!!

Don’t forget, you can invite friends to earn free points. 

Right now if you sign up, and share with a friend, both of you will get $5 worth of points (for up to 10 friends).  I’d love it if you used my code when you join:  6ats6

One other thing to note is that some offers, especially for online orders, it may take some time for your points to show up in your Drop account.  They do this specifically with larger purchases in case an item is returned.  They usually put some sort of language in the offer though telling you, for example, it could take 5 to 30 days to receive points.

BONUS:  If you are a Walmart Grocery Pickup Service shopper – watch this video to see a new feature on how to save money at Walmart using Drop!


Use Code 6ats6 to sign up today!!!




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