The BEST List of Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

The BEST List of Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

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I love making easy DIY Christmas Gifts each year! I like that I can be creative, save money, and make many of one thing to give to many people. I have a great list for you today of easy DIY Christmas gifts that your friends and family will love!

What are some good DIY Christmas gifts?

Here is a list of some of my favorites that I have made and given as gifts each Christmas:

twine covered jars with flower loom flowers

  1.  DIY Vase:  Use an upcycled glass jar, cover with jute, and make a flower using a flower loom.  Add some of your favorite flowers to it!
Homemade Christmas Cards using food coloring and shaving cream

2. Make your own Christmas cards with this shaving cream technique! Just use red and green food coloring and a Christmas stamp!

no sew rope bowl to use as gift basket

3. Easy DIY No Sew Rope Bowl – use this as a gift basket! Fill it will all sorts of goodies and then the recipient can also use it as a home decor piece!

homemade lavender soap DIY Christmas gift idea

4. Easy Homemade Lavender Soap – Make 12 Bars in One Hour!

Christmas soap - DIY Christmas Gift Idea

5. Homemade Christmas Soap – this is a melt and pour soap recipe that uses pine and frankincense to scent it!

DIY Christmas Gift wood word magnet board

6. DIY Magnetic Board – upcycle an oven cover from the Dollar Tree and make this amazing wall decor!

DIY Christmas Gift Succulents in Teacups

7. Succulent Tea Cups | Frugal Gift Idea – grab some tea cups from a thrift store and give the gift of a hearty plant for Christmas!

DIY Christmas Gift Boho Loop Wreath

8. Learn How to Make a Boho Floral Hoop Wreath With Yarn – This is an affordable DIY gift idea if you are on a tight Christmas budget this year!

How To Transfer Photos to Wood - DIY Christmas Gift Idea

9. Learn how to transfer a photo on wood! Then you can have an antique or rustic looking photo to hang and makes the perfected personalized gift!

DIY Christmas Gift Idea reusuable gift box

10. Make a re-useable gift box! Turn Those Ugly Cookie Tins Into an Adorable Re-Usable Gift Box!

DIY Christmas Gift Idea - Charcoal Facial Soap

11. DIY Charcoal and Clay Facial Bar Soap with Essential Oils – make 12 bars of these in an hour as well!

DIY Christmas Gift Idea Free Printable "Laughter Is Good Medicine"

12. Free 8×10 Printable “Laughter Is Good Medicine” Easy Decor Idea! – get your free printable today and frame this as a wonderful DIY Christmas Gift. I have a few more varieties below:

DIY Christmas Gift Idea "Faith Over Fear" free printable

13. Free 8×10 Printable “Faith over Fear” Easy Decor Idea! You can get frames for as cheap as $1 at the Dollar Tree or even less at a thrift store!

DIY Christmas Gift Idea free printable "Keep Moving Forward"

14. Free Printable “Keep Moving Forward” Easy Decor Idea!

"Life is Tough But So Are You"  free printable for DIY Christmas Gift Idea

15. Free 8×10 “Life Is Tough But So Are You” Printable: Easy Decor Idea

DIY Christmas Gift Idea Snowflake Bath Confetti

16. How to Make Snowflake Bath Confetti – This is an easy DIY gift idea for a girlfriend to remind herself to relax and take a bath during the busy holiday season!

DIY Christmas Gift Idea Mason Jar Lentil Soup and free printable recipe card

17. Dry Soup Mix In A Jar Recipes – Curried Lentil Soup with Free Printable Recipe Card

DIY Christmas Gift Idea Burlap Photo Display

18. DIY Photo Print Wall Hanging with Faux Succulents and Burlap – another great personalized DIY Christmas gift idea!

DIY Christmas Gift Idea Essential Oil Ribbon Tree Ornament

19. Homemade Essential Oil Diffuser Christmas Tree Ornament – grab some ribbon, beads, and a lava bead stone to make this beautiful Christmas Ornament!

DIY Christmas Gift Idea  needle felted christmas tree ornament essential oil diffuser

20. Needle Felted DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Ornament

What can I do instead of gifts for Christmas?

If your budget is just so tight this year that paying for materials for these DIY gifts is just too much, then a heart felt note of thanks or encouragement to your friends and loved ones will be well received. Sometimes those words mean more than any material gift you could give anyway!

Did you love these do it yourself gift ideas?

If so, I’d love for you to pin some of these ideas on Pinterest or share your favorites on Facebook so others can use these ideas as well!

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