Easy Home Decor:  How To Use a Flower Loom

Easy Home Decor: How To Use a Flower Loom

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flower loom tutorial

I have found a new crafting addiction and I’m writing this post to share it with you – it is making yarn or twine flowers using a flower loom!

I was actually at Michaels when I was inspired to learn to make these.  I saw a picture on their wall of some cute yarn flowers.  I was totally wondering how you make them, so I came home and googled a bit and found that you needed a flower loom to make these cute flowers.

Rustic Home Decor: How To Use a Flower Loom


I jumped on Amazon and found this affordable LoRan Flower Loom.  This loom is very versatile and you can make all kinds of flowers using yarn, twine, and/or ribbon.  I’m going to show you a simple way to use it to make the twine flower that I have pictured above on my rustic home decor of twine wrapped upcycled jars. 

Rustic Home Decor: How To Use a Flower Loom

The 2 jars above are an empty and cleaned out spaghetti sauce jar and basil jar.  These were “free” when I purchased my sauce and basil. I could have spent a few dollars on each at a dollar store for a “trendy” mason jar – but you don’t need to do that.  Grab some empty jars that would be in your recycle bin and do what I did to turn them into rustic home decor.

I took some twine and wrapped it around the jars and secured every few rows with a dot of hot glue.  Super easy!

flower loom tutorial

The twine covered jars are cute and all, but they need a little “boost” of flower fun for the front.  So now you can get your flower loom and you will need to add the plastic posts to the holes to determine how wide you want your flower.  As you can see in the picture, I chose row “B” which makes about 2.5″ wide flowers.

flower loom tutorial

You can stick your twine through the center hole and then bring it back up under the back plastic square.  Secure the circle inside of the square and your twine tail end will be secure in place.

flower loom tutorial

Now you need to start wrapping twine around the plastic posts that will make your flower petals.

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  1. These are awesome, I have been looking for a loom just like this… where did you find yours? I REALLY WANT ONE FOR A SPECIAL PROJECT I HAVE IN MIND!!!!

  2. These remind me of a similar flower loom I bought, oh, at least 30 years ago. It was metal and had no size options. I used yarn to make hundreds of flowers and crocheted them together for a bedspread for my mother. She used it frequently and when she moved into a nursing home, it came back to me. Yarn would give you many color options for your magnets and match your decor easily. Thanks for reminding me of a fun summer project and the warm memories!

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