Easy DIY No Sew Rope Bowl

Easy DIY No Sew Rope Bowl

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Easy DIY No Sew Rope Bowl

Here is another easy DIY project that only requires 2 materials – cotton rope and hot glue!  No sewing required!!  This is a very cute decorative item that can hold numerous items, from fruit to decorative wicker balls.  This would be cute in a nautical themed bathroom holding some rolled up washcloths as well!

I give you the basic pattern and instructions here, but feel free to mix this up a bit – try a different color or texture of rope, and see what kind of no sew rope bowl you can create!

rope bowl rope

Materials needed to make your own DIY No Sew Rope Bowl:

Three Strands of White Twisted Cotton Ropes, 0.6” Diameter, 33 Feets Length (last time I checked it was currently unavailable – but there are other similar ropes over here).  This is long enough to make 2 bowls.

Hot Glue Gun

Lots of hot glue sticks!

Decorative Wicker Balls (optional)


No Sew Rope Bowl

The rope I purchased was .6″ in diameter and 33 feet long.  The first thing I did was cut it in half into (2) 16.5′ long pieces of rope.  This was the right size to make the 2 bowls I made in the top picture.

No Sew Rope Bowl

To make a wider and shallower bowl, start by tightly wrapping and gluing the rope in a circle as pictured above.

No Sew Rope Bowl

I wrapped it and glued it into 6 rows for the bottom of the bowl.  For a taller and narrower bowl, you would need to wrap and glue just about 4 flat rows.

No Sew Rope Bowl

When you are ready to build up the sides, place the hot glue on the top outer edge of the rope so that when you place it on top, it will still be making the bowl wider and higher at the same time.

No Sew Rope Bowl

You will want to be sure you are gluing all of the rope, and not just every few inches.  This way there won’t be any random air gaps in the bowl.  You could also use an actual bowl as a template and wrap the rope around the bowl if you’d like yours to be 100% symmetrical.

No Sew Rope Bowl

Here it is 3 rows high – again gluing on the outer edge, so that it is constantly being built up and out.

No Sew Rope Bowl

The last row I placed the glue directly in the center of the rope, rather than the outer edge.  This way the last row was directly on top of the previous row and makes it a bit sturdier and gives it a nice finished feel.

No Sew Rope Bowl

I chose for this rope bowl just to glue the end of the rope flat to the bowl.

No Sew Rope Bowl

You could also loop the end around like the one above for a small handle.

no sew rope bowl

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