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These are the most current Wegmans deals you will find nation-wide. The top 10 deals are listed first, with an option to click on a full list. Come back each week for an updated Wegmans deals list! Unadvertised and Exclusive Wegmans deals found here!!!

Wegmans Digital Coupons For January 2021:  29 New Coupons on Their App!

Wegmans Digital Coupons For January 2021: 29 New Coupons on Their App!

Wegmans Digital Coupon Update as of 1/20/21:

Wegmans has put some new digital coupons on their app!  Thank you Wegmans for your new Wegmas Digital Coupons!

There are now Wegmans digital coupons on the Wegmans Smartphone app!

The normal 10 Wegmans coupons that come in the quarterly Menu Magazine are now on the Wegmans digital coupons that appear in the app, plus from time to time they add a few more digital coupons. Also note that the Wegmans App recently had major updates done to it, so you may have to delete your old version and download the new version.

Can You Use Coupons At Wegmans?

Yes! Wegmans accepts both Manufacturer’s and Wegmans store coupons (also known as double stacking) to give you the most savings.

Wegmans double manufacturers’ coupons with a face value of $0.99 or less. Coupons with a face value of $1 or more will be redeemed at face value. Wegmans has exceptions and limitations in their coupon policy, which you can read in detail HERE.

Does Wegmans Have Digital Coupons?

You can access Wegmans digital coupons via their desktop website in your Shoppers Club account, or on their mobile app.

To receive digital coupons, you must have an active Shoppers Club Account, which needs to be connected to a Wegmans Online Account.

You can sign up for a Shoppers Club account at the Wegmans Store Service Desk or on their website HERE.

To view your digital coupons on a desktop computer, you’ll want to click on “Digital Coupons” at the top of Wegmans homepage. You can also access your digital coupons via the Wegmans app.

Does Wegmans Have A Weekly Ad?

Wegmans rarely has a weekly sales ad. The best way to save money at Wegmans is to utilize their digital coupons, along with any physical coupons you have available to you. Not having a weekly sales ad often makes it difficult to see what their sales or Shoppers Club prices are, along with any other promotions they may be running.

Does Wegmans Have A Senior Discount?

Although most grocery stores will offer a senior discount on certain days of the week to seniors, Wegmans does not offer a senior discount.

For more information, you can find Wegmans Coupon Policy right HERE for any other questions or concerns you may have about what this store allows (and doesn’t allow) for couponing.

Find The Latest Wegmans Coupons Below:

Each of these expires on 2/7/21

$2.00 off Wegmans Game Day Family Pack Sushi, 18 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Cheese Spread, 10 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Chunky Guacamole, 12 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Organic Get Dippin’ Corn Chips, 9 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Organic Rice, 32 oz.

$1.00 off Ready-to-Heat Asian Bowl, 12-18 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Sushi Spicy Shrimp Po Boy Roll, 7 oz.

$1.00 off Ready-to-Heat Soup, 12-48 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Bagged Asian Greens, 16 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Guacamole Dip, 8-16 oz. (select items, see list)

$1.00 off any Wegmans Large Sub (Hot, Cold, or Packaged)

$1.00 off any Wegmans Packaged Prepared Green Salad

$1.00 off Wegmans Ranch Veggie Dip or Snack Pack, 9-14 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Organic Cold Pressured Juice, 14.5 fl. oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Butter Boy Veggies

$1.00 off on a bag of Wegmans Blood Oranges, 2 lb.

$1.00 off Wegmans Greek Yogurt made with 10% Milkfat, 32 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Frozen Shrimp, 10-12 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Organic Fruit Snacks, 4.2 oz. – 15.4 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Seafood Entree in Oven Safe Packaging

$1.00/2 Wegmans Organic Greek Yogurt with Jammin’ Fruit Spread, 5.3 oz.

$1.00/2 Wegmans Organic White Chedder Mac’n Cheese Shells, 6 oz.

Each of these expires 2/14/21:

$2.00 off Wegmans 10-piece Chicken Tenders

$1.00 off Wegmans Fresh Tortilla Chips, Family Pack, 16 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans Queso Dip, 12 oz.

$1.00 off Wegmans 5-piece Chicken Tenders

Each of these expires 3/28/21:

$1.00 off TopCare Day Time or Nite Time Cold & Flu Relief, 12 fl. oz.

$1.00 off TopCare Immune Support Gummies, 42 ct.

$1.00 off TopCare Black Elderberry Gummies, 60 ct.

Go ahead and click on your Wegmans app now and click to clip all of the coupons.  That way if you have one of these items at checkout, the price will automatically come off like a Shopper’s Club deal and you don’t have to think about it.

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