Local Turkey Prices Comparison – Walmart, Wegmans, Aldi & Tops

Local Turkey Prices Comparison – Walmart, Wegmans, Aldi & Tops

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Upstate New Yorkers:  Here is a break down of local prices on Turkey – find the best price for your family!

**2020 Update: I believe all of the prices are updated (although they don’t seem to be different from last year!)

Wegmans:  I went to Wegmans today just as they were hanging up the turkey prices outside of the store! The price in front of the brick wall was actually on the ground sideways waiting to be hung up. Inside, the freezers are stocked with turkeys!!

Wegmans Turkey Prices:

Shadybrook Frozen Basted Turkey, 14-16 lb for $0.48/lb – on shopper’s club thru 11/22/20.  If you buy a 24+ pound turkey, the price drops to $0.37 a pound!!

Butterball Frozen Turkeys – $1.39/lb.  If you have your mind set on a Butterball, then it’s better to shop at Aldi for that one!

Aldi Turkey Prices 2020:

Butterball Turkey for $0.87/lb.

Walmart Turkey Prices 2020:

Currently Frozen Butterball turkey is $0.98/lb.

The frozen turkeys are not eligible for the Walmart Grocery Pick-up service.  Even though you need to get your turkey in-store, I highly recommend trying the grocery pick-up service for your other weekly groceries!  You can see a quick video review I put up on Facebook Live. You get $10 off of your first order when you try it!

Also, one more tip if you are shopping online in general this holiday season at Walmart – be sure to search for Walmart coupon codes before you checkout and be sure you are getting the best price!

Tops Turkey Prices

Tops Friendly Market Turkey Prices 2020:

TOPS or Jennie-O Frozen Turkeys are $0.48/lb.  They also have a low price turkey guarentee where they will price match any turkey price that is cheaper in your area!

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13 Responses to Local Turkey Prices Comparison – Walmart, Wegmans, Aldi & Tops

  1. Hi Maura! Target has their brand turkeys on sale for $.79/lb (it’s advertised in their weekly ad. I just picked one up this morning 🙂

  2. Wegmans changed the frozen turkey price this afternoon. In Geneseo it is now $.59 with $25.00 purchase. Wegmans doesn’t say that the price of the turkey can be part of the $25.00. I bought 4 cans of gravy for $2.00 total plus a turkey over 20 pounds for under $14.00.
    Thanks for this web site. i enjoy it

  3. YAY Debbie!!! Thanks so much for the info! Of course they change it a few hours after I’m in the store lol! I’ll have to swing by there today or tomorrow and get a new pic of the price. 🙂

  4. Smith’s in NM has the Private Selection turkey for $0.79 per pound with the $25.00 purchase that includes the cost of the turkey

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