Chocolate Covered Oreos For Spring!

Chocolate Covered Oreos For Spring!

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Chocolate Covered Oreos For Spring

These chocolate covered Oreos for Spring are the perfect treat for all chocolate lovers!

Once you learn how easy it is to add the chocolate coating over the already delicious Oreo, you’ll have a blast discovering different ways to decorate these cookies!

Today I’m going to show you one simple way to decorate these cookies for a spring event – whether its Easter, Mother’s Day, or just because the flowers are finally blooming outside.

These are also great to make with the kids during spring break!  These are cheery, colorful, and of course delicious!

Here is the recipe for these chocolate covered Oreos for Spring:

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2 dozen Oreo Cookies (or store brand, which I did use Wegmans store brand)

Melting Chocolate (I used dark chocolate) – 2 lbs for 2 dozen cookies – found in the bulk section of the grocery store

White melting chocolate – about a cup for 2 dozen cookies

Pyrex Glass Measuring Cup

Cuisipro Food Decorating Pen

Cookie Chocolate Candy Mold 

Pastel-colored sugar sprinkles

chocolate covered oreos for spring mold

  1.  Melt about 3 big handfuls of melting chocolate (enough to cover 6 cookies) using your Pyrex glass measuring cup – in the microwave for 30-second intervals, stirring in between, until melted.  It should take about 1 min, 30 sec total to melt.

2.  Spoon in some chocolate into each compartment in the cookie mold.

Chocolate covered oreos for spring - in the mold

3.  Then place a cookie in, gently push down until the chocolate surrounds the cookie.  Then spoon in a bit more chocolate to completely cover the cookie.

4.  Use a flat edge of a knife to swipe over the cookie and make the chocolate even so they have flat bottoms.

5.  Place them in the freezer for about 10 – 15 minutes to speed up the chocolate setting time.

6.  Having more than one mold makes this process go much more quickly, since there is a lot of waiting time between batches.  I made 2 dozen, so there was a lot of waiting time between the 4 batches.

Chocolate Covered Oreos For Spring

7.  After the dark chocolate has set, melt the white chocolate and suck it up into Cuisipro Food Decorating Pen, just like you would with a syringe.

8.  Make swirls with the white chocolate on each cookie and quickly shake on your pastel-colored sprinkles before the white chocolate sets.

I also recommend doing all of the decorating on a cookie sheet, to easily contain the mess.  🙂

These are so rich and delicious!  It’s hard to eat an entire chocolate covered Oreo all by yourself (but kids may disagree!)  

These would make a very nice gift for teacher, relative, neighbor or friend.  Great for End of the Year Teacher Gifts, Easter or Mother’s Day treat!  

You can get some clear gift bags at the dollar store and package them nicely with a ribbon – add a gift tag and you are all set!

Chocolate Covered Oreos For Spring

You can easily change the sprinkle colors to make these fit all holiday seasons!  Check out my Christmas version over here!  🙂

Find more of my dessert recipes over here!

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