Budget Bootcamp Challenge – Let’s Review!

Budget Bootcamp Challenge – Let’s Review!

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Here is all of the info of my FREE 20 Day Budget Challenge!  Pick a topic and read through each one step by step.

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20 Day Budget Challenge

Take one month to get your finances in order - learn my best money saving tips and tricks!

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Day 1: One Month To Get Your Finances In Order

Day 2:   How To Set Up a Basic Budget

Day 3:  Let Your Goals drive your budget

Day 4:  Getting on the Same Page as your Financial Partner

Day 5:  How To Begin Paying Down Debt

Day 6:  Avoiding Temptation and Impulse Purchases

Day 7:  Couponing 101

Day 8:  Go On A Spending Freeze

Day 9:  10 Smart Ways to Build Your Emergency Fund

Day 10:  How To Save on Entertainment & Where To Get Extra Money for Date Night

Day 11:  How To Save Money Without Clipping Coupons

Day 12:  Planning Ahead Can Save Big – Learn Why FreezEasy is Best Meal Planning Tool

Day 13:  Earn Extra Cash By Selling Items Around the House

Day 14:  20 Ways to Pinch a Penny That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Day 15:  10 Tips to Save on Buying Clothing

Day 16:  Best Money & Grocery Saving Apps for Your Phone

Day 17:  10 Ways To Make Money From Home

Day 18:  DIY Projects:  Save Money & Be Creative

Day 19:  Shop For Christmas & Birthdays All Year Long

Day 20:  How To Make Living on a Budget FUN!

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20 day budget bootcamp - take one month and read each of these tips (one a day minus weekends) and get your finances in order!


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