Why Having A Budget Gives Me Freedom!

Why Having A Budget Gives Me Freedom!

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It’s a brand new year and I’m sure many of you are ready to refine your focus in your life, whether it be health, relationships, finances, or spiritual growth. 

I’m not here to be a coach for all of that, but I do have a great resource on getting your finances in order, especially after the holidays.  So for the next month or so, I’ll be directly sharing my tips from my 20 Day Budget Challenge! 

I hope you join along with me, grab hold of a tip or two, and get ready to make 2020 the best year yet!

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If you are feeling overwhelmed by not having a plan to get your finances in order, then I have the solution for you!  I have a 20 Day Budget Challenge, full of information that will help you transform your mindset, give you how-to budget details, keeping track of spending habits, getting out of debt plan and MORE – all in one month, to FINALLY get your finances in order!  

Even though it is only 20 days, you can take weekends off, which is why I think this should be about a month to learn and get peace and live in FREEDOM with your finances!

Budget Challenge - Why Budget Gives Me Freedom

Day #1:  Why Having A Budget Gives Me Freedom!

“Freedom with finances you say??  How do I get that?” 

Well I think it is by having a budget.  The most basic and fundamental part of keeping your finances in order is having a budget that you stick to.  I mentioned how you can live in freedom with your finances – so for today’s lesson, I want you to read 5 Ways Having a Budget Gives Me FREEDOM!  

Did you read all 5?  Do agree with these or not?  Skeptic about any?  (I know many may be skeptic about #5!)  Come over to my Budget Challenge Facebook Group, join and leave a comment!

I’m hoping you saw phrases like “guilt free,” “retail therapy is OK” and “no fighting” and felt a little bit more hopeful about your financial situation.  Budgets aren’t meant to be restricting.  They are meant to give you a safe boundary in which to live within your means.

recovering spender money quote

If you haven’t read The Recovering Spender yet, I high recommend it.  It is about a true story about a well-known frugal lifestyle blogger who truly had a spending addiction and had to crawl out of $40,000 in consumer debt.  She tells her story with real honesty and shares how sticking to her budget is what helped her recover from her spending addiction.

If you aren’t sure how to even set up a budget, that’s ok.  

We will dive into that tomorrow.  Until then, be proud that you’ve taken this step to gain more control of your finances, and therefore your life!

20 Day Budget Challenge – Day #1 Why Having A Budget Gives Me Freedom! Come join our Facebook group for discussion and support! Start 2017 strong by getting your finances in order!



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