30 Day Budget Bootcamp – How to Save Serious Cash Without Clipping Coupons

30 Day Budget Bootcamp – How to Save Serious Cash Without Clipping Coupons

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 UnExtreme Couponing – How to Save Serious Cash Without Clipping Coupons - #3 is what I need help with!!! I've never really thought of it this way before! - happydealhappyday.com

Join us for Day #18 of the 30 Day Budget Bootcamp!

UnExtreme Couponing – How to Save Serious Cash Without Clipping

I know I share a lot of deals on this site that involve coupons or discounts.  And I know we’ve already gone over Couponing 101 Tips and How to Organize coupons.  That is great if you are using them to stay within a budget.  But what about long term savings for bigger ticket items?  Coupons and discounts are not the answer for that.  But an automated savings account IS the answer!

You may set up an automated savings and stick with it, until you meet the finishing line with the sense of fulfillment. A savings account is easy to arrange and the automation will occur when you will inform your payroll department about the new payment arrangement that you will want implied. From the mentioned point of time, the designated amount may be transferred directly to your account and you will receive to spend only what you have set your budget.


This is the perfect plan when starting a retirement fund.  When I was still teaching, I did have an auto deduction out of my paycheck to go to retirement savings.
UnExtreme Couponing – How to Save Serious Cash Without Clipping Coupons - happydealhappyday.com

Before you begin your automated savings account, consider determining:

1)  Your Income vs. Your Goals

Your income usually decides the lifestyle that you can afford to have. The upgrades you are aiming for must be realistic and achievable. If you aim too high, the saving goals may get more strict, leaving you frustrated. Objects that are way too beyond your income scale are not recommended, if you are not a super hero of frugality. You may be able to take a small vacation by clipping coupons and savings.   But can you book a private charter, and take an extravagant vacation? Maybe, but it will take way too long!!

2)  How Achievable is Your Goal?

If you want a frugal life that means something, then you will have to think more strategically than just saving a few dollars with coupons weekly. Your focus should be on things with greatest outcomes. Automated savings help you reach your goal for a big picture of your life of long term prosperity.

3)  Spending Temptations You Will Need to Overcome

Problems and obstacles that will tempt you to quit saving should be thought about now. Find them and fight them. You might need to alter your plan before it starts, but believe it will be much easier than handling the mess in the mid way. Write down the expectations of anger or tiresome and also how you will get through it.

4)  After Your Automated Savings Account Is Created

When money is automatically put into a separate account, savings will be for sure.  But that doesn’t mean that your budget handling will be flawless. New expenses will seem to occur all the time and you will find yourself losing the grip. For all those times when problems rally from everywhere, you can neutralize the adverse impacts of strict frugality on life by following these tips.

Set Up Other Goals

If you are forced to dine out less, then set a health goal and start your diet. Spend most of your time working out or discovering the health facts. Concentrate least on the change that is bothering you and focus your attention on so many other things that can go well without money like mending your relationships by spending more time with people you love.

Share the Responsibilities

You don’t have to be responsible for the savings account alone. If you have a working partner, you too can share the responsibilities and balance things to reach the goal.

Time Management

How you manage your time, to spend coupons, to make meals and to keep your family happy even in strict budgets will matter a lot.

If An Emergency Comes Up –

Utilize your emergency fund!  This is a no brainer – but I just had to throw this in there as a reminder to have an emergency fund to begin with.  🙂

Do you have an automated savings system? If so, tell us why you like it!

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