30 Day Budget Bootcamp:  5 Tips To Organizing Coupons!

30 Day Budget Bootcamp: 5 Tips To Organizing Coupons!

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30 Day Budget Bootcamp:  5 Tips To Organizing Coupons!

Welcome to Day #17 of the 30 Day Budget Bootcamp!

I’m hoping that from the Couponing 101 and How Using Coupons Alleviates Stress posts have been read, that you’ve started using coupons on a more regular basis.  I have heard from many who start out using coupons – that they want to give up because the process seems overwhelming or they don’t’ have time to really clip coupons and find deals.
Here are 5 ways to make organizing coupons simple and worth your time!!

1. Create a coupon binder/organizer where you can sort by type of item or by store.

 This will be up to you depending on how you shop.  If you only shop at one or 2 stores, then maybe putting your coupons in categories is better.
But if you use coupons at multiple stores, then organize coupons by stores (see my photo above where the tabs are labeled for each store like Walmart, Wegmans, Target, etc.).  I only clip what I’ll use and what store I will use it at.  Only those coupons go in my coupon holder – otherwise I keep old inserts in a box and pull them out to clip later on if a great deal pops up before they expire.
Also, select a coupon binder/organizer that will be easy to use in the store.  Keep in mind that if you shop with babies/toddlers, your system needs to be as manageable as possible so that shopping trips are not miserable!  That is the exact reason why I try to keep my system as physically small as possible!
Here are some sample coupon organizers you can try:

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