DIY Projects:  Save Money & Be Creative

DIY Projects: Save Money & Be Creative

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Welcome to Day #18 of the 20 Day Budget Challenge!

Today’s topic is one of my favorite because one thing I love to do is to craft and create my own home decor items.  I also love finding old treasures from yard sales or thrift stores and re-purposing them for something great.

If you have a similar passion and love to craft, then this is an awesome way to save money!  

Here are 5 ways DIY projects can save you money.

1.  Make gifts for friends!

Time is money – so if you are in a season of life where you can spend the time to make something yourself, not only will you save money, it will also be more meaningful to the recipient!  I have many DIY gift ideas that I have done over there years.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Homemade Lavender Soap – make 12 bars in an hour and comes with free printable soap labels!

Mason Jar Gift Ideas: Curried Lentil Soup Mix

DIY Magnetic Board Photo Frame

Homemade Note Card Using Shaving Cream & Food Coloring

2.  Make your own home decor.  

I love going to Michaels – and not just for decor items, but for inspiration on what I can go home and craft myself!  In fact I was inspired by a picture in Michaels to learn how to make flowers using a flower loom.  I always leave that store seeing a trendy home decor item that I could make myself for half the cost.

Here are a few more home decor projects I have recently done that will hopefully give you inspiration!

Rustic Home Decor: How To Use a Flower Loom

Coffee Filter Wreath

How To Make Mason Jar Wall Sconces

DIY Drift Wood Mirrors

3.  Give an old piece of furniture a make-over instead of buying new!  

We have inherited many furniture hand-me downs over the years from our parents.  Some of them are out-dated – but still in great shape.  I re-did our entire guest room by making over furniture that we had given to us.  We also made over an old style entertainment center to work great to hold our flat screen!  Some some projects below that I have tackled for some inspiration:

DIY Entertainment Center Ideas – Don’t Throw Away The Old One!

Shabby Chick Display Shelf Makeover

How To Update An End Table Using Unicorn Spit 

How To Distress Furniture and give an Old Desk & Bed a Makeover 

4.  Re-purpose an item.  

I love find a new or unusual use for something that could just end up in the garbage can!  Up-cycling is so much fun – especially when you find an item at a thrift store for dirt cheap and give it new life.  Doing this is one of my favorite hobbies!

Here are a few projects I have done to get your brain juices flowing for your own ideas:

15 Minute No Sew Tote Bag made from a Tank Top

How To Make A Plarn Tote With Old Grocery Bags – Decorated with Toothpaste Tubes!

How To Make A Wreath Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

30+ Unique Upcycle Projects

5.  Create a business out of what you make!  

I remember needing stronger magnets for my daughters artwork that she would bring home and put on the fridge.  I remember my husband telling me to get some rare earth magnets because they would be strong enough to hold up cardboard on my fridge.  

I then started playing around making my own magnets – and then it grew into making magnetic boards to use the magnets with.  Soon I was creating a bunch of inspirational magnet boards to use as decor items.  I decided to start selling them and opened an Etsy and Handmade Amazon Shop!

Do you have a project that you could easily make over and over again and sell it?  If so, I’d love to see ideas.  Or if you already have your own handmade shop – come and tell us about it over on our Budget Challenge Facebook Group!

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