How To Make A Mason Jar Wall Sconce

How To Make A Mason Jar Wall Sconce

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Today I’m going to show you how to make a DIY mason jar wall sconce with fairy lights!

I love this time of year because you can start finding Christmas lights everywhere!  I love these twinkly lights and want to keep them up all winter.

That is one reason why I made this mason jar sconce so that I could have “fairy lights” displayed way past Christmas-time!

How To Make A Mason Jar Wall Sconce materials needed

What You’ll Need For Your Mason Jar Wall Sconce:

Natural Craft Blank Wood Sign – I found mine at Joann Fabrics that I cannot find a link for you online.  I did find similar ones here on Amazon.

The first thing you need to do to start your project is to drill a 3/8″ hole into your wood slab.

You will want to drill this right where the top of the mason jar will go on the wood slab.  (check out this other cool wood slab project I did!)  This hole is for the string of lights to thread through.

The size of the hole can vary a bit depending on the type of lights you use.  This hole will eventually be covered by green moss so you should not be able to see it on the finished product.

How To Make A Mason Jar Wall Sconce moss on wood

After you have your hole drilled, you will want to cover your slab with some green reindeer moss.

I ordered one package of this floral reindeer moss and it was enough to cover 2 sconces with some left over. Simply just apply a generous amount of white glue all over your slab.

Then spread out and apply the moss until it covers the wood slab the way you like it.

One thing to note is to keep the center of the wood slab (where the jar will be glued on) covered with a “barely there” layer with plenty of wood showing through, or the Liquid Fusion adhesive we use for the jar will not stick to the wood slab.

Shake off any access moss that isn’t sticking and let the rest of the moss dry onto the slab.  I waited over night – but if you want to do this in one day, then wait 20 minutes or so for the glue to be mostly dry.

How To Make A Mason Jar Wall Sconce drill hole for lights

After your moss is sticking to your wood and dry, go ahead and feed your string of lights in through the back.

How To Make A Mason Jar Wall Sconce put lights in mason jar

Then you will want to get out your hot glue gun and glue the fairy lights battery holder and switch to the back of the wood slab.

How To Make A Mason Jar Wall Sconce secure battery pack on back

Keep in mind that when you glue on the battery pack, be sure to have the switch button facing down so it is easier to reach to turn it on and off.

As you can see above, the battery pack will lean against the wall when this is hanging.  It is the easiest to have the switch at the bottom.

Also, be sure the battery cover is facing out so that you can add fresh batteries when needed.  It would be a huge bummer if you glued it on the wrong way and couldn’t change the batteries.

How To Make A Mason Jar Wall Sconce rope around jar lip

How Do You Attach Mason Jars To Wood?

After the string of lights is threaded through, place them into the mason jar.

Then lay the mason jar down on the wood slab where you want it to be.

Then grab some twine and tie the mason jar onto the wood slab and knot it well.

This twine is more for decorative purposes than it is for security purposes of holding on the jar, so don’t be worried that the jar isn’t 100% in place with just this twine.

To securely attach the mason jar to the wood slab, use a generous amount Liquid Fusion glue to hold it on.

Just squeeze it all over the wood slab where the jar will be touching. Be sure that there is enough surface area between the glass and the wood touching for the glue to adhere.

If too much moss is in between the two, the jar won’t stick to the slab.

How To Make A Mason Jar Wall Sconce liquid fusion to attach jar to wood

Let that dry overnight before moving your sconce around or hanging it!  The Liquid Fusion really is liquid fusion, but it needs enough time to dry and set for it to work.

How To Make A Mason Jar Wall Sconce twine hanger

How Do You Hang Mason Jars?

You can use more twine to create a loop for hanging purposes.  I wrapped the twine around the top a few times and tied off a loop with a knot.

I also added some hot glue to this for extra support since this is holding all of the weight of the sconce.


I love the natural and rustic look this sconce has!

I’m in the middle of turning the decor theme of my basement family room into a cabin/Adirondack feel.

I have these hanging on our wooden support beams around our couch.  I love using craft supplies that come from nature and truly love how this turned out!

Now if you have read this tutorial and are thinking that you totally love it, but aren’t so sure you want to tackle this project yourself?  No worries!  Here are some that are similar and affordable over on Amazon:


If you are looking for more rustic decor ideas – check out this display shelf makover project I did.

You can find these display shelves at thrift stores – and for the price of spray paint and some sandpaper, you have a great new wall decoration!


Or check out these cute upcycled jars using twine and a flower loom!

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