Mason Jar Vase With Puffy Paint Flourishes

Mason Jar Vase With Puffy Paint Flourishes

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Mason Jar Vase With Puffy Paint Flourishes - it's amazing what you can do with a mason jar and some puffy paint!

I know decorating with mason jars is all the rage right now, so when I saw a 12 pack on sale and had a $2 coupon, I just had to bring home a case.

I found some really pretty glittery gold flourish stickers on Amazon that I wanted to incorporate onto the jars somehow.  But I wanted it to be 3-D and not just a sticker on a jar.

I attempted to trace the flourish with hot glue to make the flourish pattern pop out and become 3-D (I saw someone master that on Pinterest).  When I tried it though, it came out terrible.  

The hot glue was just a mess and the jar ended up in the recycling bin.  But I did have some puffy paint on hand that turns out is way easier to apply for a 3D effect.

I finished it by adding some spray paint and dried lavender for a lovely, frugal way to decorate with mason jars!

mason jar puffy paint materials

Materials needed for your own mason jar vase:

gold flourish 1

The sheet of Flourish Stickers comes with about 7 different flourishes with some extra accents.

I used up the whole sheet on 3 different jars.  I love the glittery gold – they are beautiful just the way they are even before covering them with puffy paint and spray paint.

I may have to come back to these and find another project where I don’t cover up the gold.

gold flourish 2

Take your 3 jars and your stickers and just place them in a pattern of your choice around the middle of each jar.

pink flourish 1

Then with a still hand and some patience, trace the flourishes with some puffy paint.  

This part can be forgiving if you make a mistake while tracing.  You can easily incorporate the mistake into the pattern.

I just used the flourishes as a guide because I know I could not free hand it as nicely.

pink flourish 2

spray paint

After you let your puffy paint dry (I waited 24 hours) you will want to put on 3-5 coats of white spray paint.

Thinking back on this now, it would have been much easier if I used white puffy paint so that I didn’t have to worry about covering up that bright pink.  But pink was all I had on hand, so I just went with it. 🙂

When spray painting, it is always better to add on more thin coats rather than one thick coat of paint.  Thick coats of spray paint just end up dripping and makes it look a mess.

Add your favorite dried flowers and you have a lovely, simple centerpiece!  I can’t wait to change this up come fall with some sunflowers!

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