7 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home On A Budget Using Items From The Grocery Store

7 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home On A Budget Using Items From The Grocery Store

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Here are some frugal craft ideas I’ve made in the past, using items I have purchased from the grocery store.  Items like coffee filters, shaving cream, toilet paper rolls, mason jars and spaghetti sauce jars!

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Coffee Filter Crafts | Coffee Filter Peonies

Here are some of the best DIY crafts using items that are dirt cheap or free from using coupons. I’ve decorated my house using items like melted crayons, toilet paper rolls, toothpaste containers, dental floss and more!


Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

I know we all can easily collect toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls – especially when I order large amounts of TP and paper towels on Amazon like deals from here and here!

Melting Crayon Art!

Have you gotten some ridiculously cheap crayons in recent days because of all of the back-to-school sales?

I know I have! Of course my 3 year old loves them – but she can’t use 10+ boxes! Some I gave to a friend for her upcoming wedding (to use as kids entertainment during the reception.) A few boxes I kept for myself for this fun project I’m going to show you for today’s Frugal Craft project.

Mason Jar Vase With Puffy Paint Flourishes

I know decorating with mason jars is all the rage right now, so when I saw a 12 pack on sale and had a $2 coupon, I just had to bring home a case.

I found some really pretty glittery gold flourish stickers on Amazon that I wanted to incorporate onto the jars somehow.  But I wanted it to be 3-D and not just a sticker on a jar.

I attempted to trace the flourish with hot glue to make the flourish pattern pop out and become 3-D (I saw someone master that on Pinterest).  When I tried it though, it came out terrible.

The hot glue was just a mess and the jar ended up in the recycling bin.  But I did have some puffy paint on hand that turns out is way easier to apply for a 3D effect.

I finished it by adding some spray paint and dried lavender for a lovely, frugal way to decorate with mason jars!

Coffee Filter Wreath

If you are looking for something creative to do with coffee filters, you should try making one of these coffee filter wreaths! It was very easy!! A bit time consuming, but very easy.

Easy Home Decor: How To Use a Flower Loom

I have found a new crafting addiction and I’m writing this post to share it with you – it is making yarn or twine flowers using a flower loom!

I was actually at Michael’s when I was inspired to learn to make these. I saw a picture on their wall of some cute yarn flowers and was totally wondering how you make them.

So, I came home and found that you needed a flower loom to make these cute flowers.

Find more frugal craft ideas over here!

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