Frugal Craft Project: Melting Crayon Art!

Frugal Craft Project: Melting Crayon Art!

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Melting Crayon Art!! Make this amazing wall art with some crayons, canvas, and heat gun! Easy and fun melting crayon art ideas!

Have you gotten some ridiculously cheap crayons in recent days because of all of the back-to-school sales?

I know I have! Of course my 3 year old loves them – but she can’t use 10+ boxes! Some I gave to a friend for her upcoming wedding (to use as kids entertainment during the reception.) A few boxes I kept for myself for this fun project I’m going to show you for today’s Frugal Craft project.

I was inspired by some similar melting crayon art I saw on Pinterest.

Here is what I did:

with crayons 2

I ordered a couple of 8″ x 10″ blank canvases from Amazon.  I chose a color scheme of blues, blacks, white, gray & silver for my melting crayon art.  I hot glued the crayons to a piece of card stock in the order I wanted them.

I used a heat gun (not sure if a blow dryer gets hot enough or not.  Anyone try it?) and just held the crayon palate over the canvas, and let the wax ooze and drip down the canvas.

The crayon wax wasn’t evenly spreading across the canvas, so I started shaking it, swirling it, dripping it, and other random movement “techniques” to make the canvas completely covered with the melted crayons.

The entire time though, I held the crayon palate in the horizontal place, just moved it up  and down vertically so the same color would make a “strip” down the canvas.  The shaking/swirling created a much more fun design than just a strip of color, and I love the way they turned out!

melting crayon art

It was a fun project – as you don’t really know what the final design will be when you are done.  I was able to make 2 using the same crayons.  Not sure if there would be enough crayon wax for a third or not.

melting crayon art

A note of caution – if you attempt this – be sure to cover the area you are working on well as melted crayon wax as a tendency to end up in places that it shouldn’t!  Just ask my carpet!  🙂  (don’t worry, I managed to get it cleaned up though.)

melting crayon art

I took advantage of this Photo Canvas deal not too long ago.  I couldn’t resist after the awesome pic I got of my hubby and me watching the sunset on our recent camping trip.

This trio of wall art now hangs in our bedroom.  I just love it!  And I love coming up with creative uses for items I get dirt cheap/free from using coupons!

Have any ideas similar to this melting crayon art of your own?  Please send them my way for possible posting!

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15 Responses to Frugal Craft Project: Melting Crayon Art!

  1. Oooh, Maura! I like that! Great job. I wonder how this would do on a smaller version to be used for ATC or greeting card backgrounds… HMMM… ;o)


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  3. I’ve done this with my kids before! It’s neat to see what you can create with things around the house you would never have thought possible! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  4. It reminds me of the colors of the sea! Great job! Thanks for coming and linking up at The Weekend Social. All posts get pinned in our pinterest board! Please be sure to come back next week starting Thursdays at 9PM EST on ! I hope to see you there!

  5. OMG..I remember getting in big trouble, around age 6, for the same artwork! I skipped the canvas and went right to my rooms hot radiator! Shelly.

  6. This is such a cool idea! I love the way they turned out! I have a question about canvases that I have been searching for, perhaps you have a answer for this new bee.:-)I received two large canvases that have already been painted on. It was a thoughtful gift but I don’t care for the design. I really want to paint or crayon melt over them. do you know if that’s possible? Thank you very much for you’re creative art as well as any info you have on my predicament.Best regards! Carrie

  7. Carrie – I’m not sure I can answer to what will happen if you melt crayon over the paint. But the only way to find out is to try it! It may turn out pretty cool! If you do, send over a pic! 🙂

  8. Hi there, loving this idea. I was just wondering how many crayons would be needed for a 40cm x 40cm Canvas please 🙂