Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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It’s that time of year when we need to start thinking about Mother’s Day Gifts and what the perfect one will be for mom this year.  If you ask my mom what she’d like to receive as a gift she’ll tell you that she already has everything she needs, but of course I can’t let Mother’s Day go by without getting her something special. When choosing the perfect gift for my mom my goal is always to find something both thoughtful and useful, as well as something that she’d likely never buy for herself. Every single thing on the list of Mother’s Day gift ideas below is something your mom will enjoy using and she’ll think of you every time she does!

Mother's Day Gifts

1) What I love About Mom Journal – This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe why your mom’s the best

2) Decorative Musical Jewelry Box – This is a beautiful gift for mom

3) Fiskars Coloring Set – Let mom relax and color with this Mother’s Day Coloring set

4) KitchenAid Mixer  Help mom out in the kitchen with this mixer

5) Pioneer Woman Pan set – This pan set will be a big hit with mom

Mother's Day Gifts

6) Pioneer Woman Bowl Set – These bowls will quickly become moms favorite in the kitchen

7)  Personalized Coffee Mugs (that’s the one I want pictured above!) There is a variety of styles for any name!!!

8) Instant Pot – This will make mom’s job in the kitchen so much easier

9) Black and Decker Air Fryer – Your mom will make some amazing food with this

Mother's Day Gifts

10) Vanilla Spa Basket – Help mom relax with this spa basket

11) Premier Robe – Your mom will love this robe made out of a blend of 70% Bambo Viscose and 30% Cotton.

12) Womens Slippers – Pamper mom with these super soft slippers

13)  Inspirational Wall Art These are handmade by me!  I upcycle oven covers from the Dollar Tree and make some adorable wall art!  Inspirational indeed – especially during this season in our lives!  Scan down a bit on the page and you will see these!

13) Velveteen Blanket – Your mom will love to curl up and relax with this blanket

14) Tea Basket – Give mom this basket full of wonderful tea products

15) Chocolate Gift Basket – Mom will love this basket full of chocolate gifts

Mother's Day Gifts

16) Make Cold Brew Iced Coffee – fill a mason jar with dry ingredient and them mom just has to add water and let it brew for 24 hrs.  You can get this free printable recipe card to add to your mason jar!

17) Old Fashioned Gourmet Bakery Gift – A wonderful gift of baked goods your mom won’t have to bake

18)  Keysocks – Finally! a pair of socks you can wear with flats that won’t show!!

19) Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set – This comes with a glass teapot and 6 flowering tea blossoms!

20)  Get her a Subscription to MyFreezEasy – The EASIEST Meal Planning Tool You’ll Find – Works With ANY Diet!

Mother's Day Gifts

21)  Make her some homemade soap with these Easy Melt & Pour soaps!Get this eBook and learn how to make 11 different kinds of melt and pour soaps! These also come with free printable soap labels so you can wrap your soap with them.  Making melt and pour soaps is really easy – you can make 12 bars in under an hour!

22) Spa Day at Home – check out this list of DIY bath and body products you can make and give to mom so she can have her own spa day at home!

23)  E-Cloth Microfiber Products I can’t express to you enough how I wish I discovered e-cloth microfiber products sooner.  They have changed my cleaning routine forever – faster, easier, cheaper.  That is like every single mom’s dream come true!  Check out the amazing demo as to why e-cloth beats disinfectant wipes when it comes to cleaning!  PLUS, you can get 4 e-cloth general purpose cloths for the same price as you’d get just one Norwex envirocloth!!!




unique mother's day gift ideas


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  1. Thanks for these great tips! Shame that I found this article only now. I’ll definitely use some of these next year. – Nicky

  2. Great list with interesting ideas! I don`t think the ideas are only for mothers day – they could be used for other occasions! Well done!

  3. These are awesome, thanks! My mom’s bday (this last weekend) and seeing that Mother’s day is coming up, I’m going to get her car detailed (what I do) and get her personalized socks of the family. Those have been in nowadays.

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