Cute and Colorful Butterfly Magnets!

Cute and Colorful Butterfly Magnets!

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Magnets For Sale – Use on your fridge, lockers, or magnetic photo frames!!

If you didn’t see this post a little while back then you missed my news:  I’ve branched out my online business and have a handmade shop called Magnet Menagerie!!  I’m selling both on Etsy and Amazon.

I love doing DIY craft projects – so I decided to put some up for sale!!  So far my shop includes a variety of decorative refrigerator magnets and magnetic photo frames.  The cool thing about them is that I made them using rare earth magnets – which means they are much STRONGER than normal fridge magnets.

My daughter comes home with so much art work to display on our fridge, and I needed some magnets that could hold up thicker paper like construction paper or card stock.

I bought a bunch of glass magnets at Michaels awhile back – and they barely hold up just a normal sheet of paper!  So I decided to change that, and make my own.

Once I did, I realized how much fun it was, and came up with all sorts of different ideas and styles.  Way more than just my fridge can hold!  So that’s why I decided to open up my Amazon Handmade Shop – Magnet Menagerie!

Most of my sets of 8 are just $6.75 including free shipping – another Happy Deal!

I stumbled upon these unique wooden butterfly buttons pictured above that I turned into magnets!  These would be super fun to have in a locker – awesome Back-To-School purchase!


These also happened to be my #1 seller at craft fairs this year!!!  There were many verbal comments on how cute these are!!

Here are some other types of magnets that I have for sale:

Wooden Cat Magnets

Wooden Bird Magnets

Wooden Horse Magnets

If you are feeling crafty yourself, just find buttons laying around your house to make into your own magnets!  Just order some rare earth magnets over on Amazon and glue them on to some cute buttons you have already at home!  You need a really strong adhesive though – I recommend Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue 2oz.

Check out this post here on how to make glitter glass magnets!

I have some cute magnet photo frames in my shop too.  I dazzeled up this frame with some of these butterflies!!  Check out some of my listings and let me know what you think!!  I just loved it when at a craft fair I had a table at, someone said “Finally, something unique that I haven’t seen before at a craft fair.”  That was my favorite compliment of the day!!!  🙂

Super Cute butterfly magnets - I totally have to get a set for my fridge! My daughter would love these in her locker!

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