How To Make Glass Glitter Magnets

How To Make Glass Glitter Magnets

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Today I’m going to show you how to make glass glitter magnets – a frugal and sparkly way to hold and display artwork on your refrigerator!

I stumbled on this project when I had inadequate magnets on my fridge that weren’t strong enough to hold my daughter’s preschool artwork made on construction paper. My husband told me I needed some rare earth magnets to hold them up.

Rare earth magnets are much stronger than the traditional black magnets.  

I did a little searching and found some rare earth magnets that I could use and glue onto something and turn them into  cute refrigerator magnets!  I already had a bunch of flat glass marbles (or glass gems) and got some glitter nail polish and went to work.

Now that they are on my fridge, it gives my daughter’s already adorable preschool artwork a glittery touch as it is held up and displayed. These won’t take you long at all to make – and you can make many in just a short amount of time!

Supplies needed to make your own glitter glass magnets:

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To make your own glitter glass magnet, start by picking out your favorite glittery nail polish and put on a generous coat on the flat side of the glass gem.  I advise letting that fully dry overnight before you glue on your magnet.

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Once your nail polish has fully dried, then add a tiny dab of this Liquid Fusion Urethane Adhesive on top of the nail polish.

How To Make Glass Glitter Magnets #glitter #magnets #glassgems #dollarstore #dollartree

Gently place one small rare earth magnet onto the glue.  Let this sit over night until it is full dry before you attach this to a magnetic surface.

I like to make these in batches at a time – I’ll put nail polish on around 30 glass gems, and then glue on the rare earth magnets all in one batch.

The rare earth magnets are so strong that you need to keep each magnet at least 6 inches away from the other magnet, or they will attract to each other and not dry onto the glass gem.  

They are a bit tricky to work with when you first try them.  It will get easier with time to get used to the small and powerful little magnets!

How To Make Glass Glitter Magnets #glitter #magnets #glassgems #dollarstore #dollartree

You read that I like to make “batches” of these – so you may wonder what I do with all of the glitter glass magnets that I make?!

I actually sell these in sets in my Handmade Amazon Shop called Magnet Menagerie!!

My shop includes a variety of decorative refrigerator magnets – not just glitter glass magnets.  My number one seller are actually these butterfly magnets.  

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I also use these magnets for these DIY magnetic boards to hold on laminated inspirational messages.  You can either make your own magnet board, or check out the ones I have for sale over at Magnet Menagerie.  All of my items are shipped for free as my special deal that I of course have to include being a deal shopper myself.  😉

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I’m looking for more ideas on inspirational messages that I should create for some of these boards.  If you have ideas, be sure to leave them in the comments for me!  I’ll even take a custom order request if you have one!

How To Make Glass Glitter Magnets #glitter #magnets #glassgems #dollarstore #dollartree

13 Responses to How To Make Glass Glitter Magnets

  1. I’m looking for something to put on the bottom of some little cars, when my boy needs to put them away. Could I use this? Nana k

    • Do you mean glue magnets on the cars and place them on a magnetic board as a way to store the cars? That sounds like a great idea to me!

  2. I love making magnets for my fridge too. I have made them with buttons,gemstones, and I make some using air dry clay and silicone molds. I usually buy the molds for fondant icing, they are smaller and easier to make magnets with. Thanks for sharing your idea.