7 Ways To Get Discount Designer Clothes For Less

7 Ways To Get Discount Designer Clothes For Less

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If you are like me, then the thought of owning and wearing designer clothes is quite appealing, but the price point turns you off so you just give up your dream.

Good news: there are ways to get designer clothes into your closet for less, without paying full price!

There’s a reason why Louis-Vuitton and Prada have names that reverberate throughout the fashion world – their designer clothing is always top-notch; with the price to match.

So how do you (or me), the average person, afford these top-of-the-line handbags, shoes and pants? It isn’t just a vanity thing; designer clothing is usually higher-quality and longer-lasting.

So yeah, if I can get a designer handbag at a Walmart price, sign me up!

The problem comes in when you don’t know how to go about finding a great deal on that high quality designer clothing or accessories.  How to do this? Let the following 7 methods help you get started.

1. Look For Closeout Websites

Given that so much shopping occurs in the online space these days, it’s a good idea to search for closeout websites that carry such designer brands as Vince Camuto, Prada and even Salvatore Ferragamo.

These online sites are like digital TJ Maxx or Ross outlets; you’d be surprised at the quality of clothing you can find tucked away in their latter webpages – and all at significantly discounted prices.

Be advised, though, that the sizes can be hit or miss, since it’s not like these sites have an inventory of different-sized designer clothing.

Some examples are The Outnet, 6pm.com (my personal favorite place to buy shoes!) and Nordstrom Rack Online.

2. Look for Other, Similar Collections

This option might seem “obvious”, but it is often overlooked. Many top brand names actually have collections that fly underneath their banner, and are of similar quality but a lower price.

For example, so-called capsule collections are staple pieces of the designer’s craft that are mass produced for a discounted cost.

In the same vein, look for department store brands that are extensions of the more famous option; such as Marc by Marc Jacobs and REDValentino.

These are not knock-offs; they are made by the same designer but the mass-production of them lowers the price.

3. Consider Renting Top Brand Clothing

Borrowing is a big business; and this is precisely because it works.

In the instances where you want designer brand clothing for an extra-special event – such as to impress a date, make a debut at your new job, attend your high school prom or college get-together – check out websites like Bag Borrow or Steal, and Rent The Runway, for a chance at awesome offers for top-notch clothing that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

What can you expect? If there’s a suit or dress that normally runs about $800, you can rent it in pristine condition for just $80 or so – and you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning afterwards in most cases.

4. Flash Sales and Websites

This occurs entirely online, and lets you get specific brand name items at considerably cheaper prices for a limited time.

The best approach to taking advantage of flash sites is to sign up for an email notification for when designer brands are on sale. Hautelook, Gilt and Zulily are examples of such sites – everything is pre-packaged and shipped to you so there’s no need to go pick them up.

5. Friends With (Clothing) Benefits

Chances are, if you like designer clothes, then you have a circle of friends who like the same.

This can be especially useful if you happen to have a piece that you don’t even wear much – for some reason or another. With this in mind, why not consult your close friends about having a get-together in which they all bring a specific number of designer brand clothing, and agree to lend them to each other?

I did this with a MOPS group one year – we all brought in our clothes we no longer wanted to wear and donated them to whoever else wanted to take them home.

I got a free pair of Gap jeans during that event that are my current favorites!

6. Off Season Shopping

This is such a good option that, had this list been in order, this would be number one.

No designer can get away with selling his or her high-end winter coat for the same price in springtime; therefore, take advantage of this by budgeting for some off-season shopping.

I love shopping for winter coats and boots in toward the end of winter!  Search online catalogs for price adjustments and final sale rules, so that you can return anything if needed.

Clothing prices really tend to drop right after Christmas – so you can even take advantage of this tip in just a couple of weeks!

7. Eschew First Hand Shopping for Secondhand

Look for something called consignment stores for the secondhand option; you can often get brand name clothing at half-price or less at these.

Consignment stores are where second hand designer clothes are sent, and the store owner puts a good deal of effort in restoring them to their former glory.

For obvious reasons, you’ll find fewer t-shirts (they don’t stand up to too much wear and tear), and more handbags, scarves, watches and more.

Basically, things that can take a beating and keep on ticking. There is one of these stores near my called Plato’s Closet that I’ve had good luck at finding some awesome designer jeans at a really low price!

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