10 Tips on How To Save Money When Buying Clothes

10 Tips on How To Save Money When Buying Clothes

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Today’s Topic: 10 Tips on How to Save Money on Clothes!

Before you go ahead and grab that new sweater or pair of jeans full price, read these tips first.  I’ll bet you a giant piece of chocolate cake that you don’t need to spend that much!!!

1) Look at what you have in your closet. Find a shirt and a pair of pants that you’ve never combined before.  Make a game out of it, and see how many “new” outfits you already own by mixing and matching items that you haven’t tried combining in the past.  I have found shirts that are a few years old that I can layer under a different shirt and shoes – a combo I’ve never worn before and it feels like a brand new outfit!

2) Trade clothes with a friend or neighbor. You can even host a clothes trading party!  Invite friends of similar tastes and sizes.  Have everyone bring items that they might normally take to Goodwill.  Instead, dump and sort all of the clothes, and everyone can go through the pile and see if they want to take home someone else’s item for FREE!

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