My Honest Review Of Date Night In Boxes

My Honest Review Of Date Night In Boxes

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Some of you are probably looking for date night at home ideas since we are all in quarantine.  Here is one way to make that happen – even if the kids are home.  Maybe the kids can help with dinner, then put them to bed while you engage in the rest of the fun activities with just your spouse.  


Want to watch my unboxing of Date Night in Boxes rather than read about it?  Watch here:

date night in box review - let love grow

I recently had a chance to test out the “Let Love Grow” Date Night In box.

If you haven’t heard of Night in Boxes before, they are a box subscription service that makes and sends activity boxes either for your kids as the “Kids Night In Box” or for the adults “Date Night in Box.”  (check out my review on Kids Night in Boxes over here!)

There are two different versions of Date Night In boxes.  I tried a “regular” version first, although I’m very curious and want to try “Faith” version next.

date night in box review - let love grow

When you go to the Night In Boxes website, this is what it says about Date Night In Boxes:

“Every month, DATE NIGHT IN sends you a date filled with fun, unique, and spontaneous date night items, ideas, and activities, all aimed to help you create a moment every month that will last forever! Each month has a new theme to add variety and spice to your life! Our highest priority is helping you to connect in a new and creative way.”

date night in box review - let love grow

My husband and I recently celebrated our 12 year anniversary in April.  Each year, we are blessed to have grandparents that are willing to watch the kiddos, while we choose a cabin from to escape to for 2 nights.  I received our Date Night In a couple of weeks before our getaway, but hung out to it so we could open up its goodness and fully dive in when we were on our quiet getaway – kid free!

When you first open your box, you’ll see the Date Guide – and ours was for the Let Love Grow themed box.  The date activities included were:

  • Set The Mood – which means to light the candle that came in the box and go to the website that had a date night playlist of music.  We ended up not being able to get internet in our cabin, and had limited cell phone data, so we just enjoyed a quiet background instead of playing music.  Looking at the playlists though, I see that there is a Let Love Grow Faith version of the music playlist – and we totally would have used that since we mostly listen to Christian music anyway.  
  • Complimentary Dinner Menu – recipes included were for Blackberry-Mint Cocktail/Mocktail, Farro with Fresh Pesto & Veggies, Creamed Kale, and Lemon Cookies.  Now we had already gotten our dinner before we opened our box – but these recipes are like perfect for me and you can guarantee that farro with fresh pesto & veggies, along with creamed kale will be on our menu soon!
  • Table Talk – which gave some insightful information on different stages of relationships and ways to discuss this with your partner.  
  • DIY Herb Garden – This comes with basil seeds and an adorable bamboo pot where you can start your herb garden.  Mine has doubled in size since I took the original pictures of it sprouting.  It’s still on my windowsill, but I love how the bamboo pot is biodegradable and I can just transplant this directly into the ground later!
  • Relationship Timeline – I’ll admit that we didn’t do this part – but it does help you to record significant moments in your relationship, like the first kiss, first “I Love You”, first house, etc.  Then there is a die you roll and the number you roll should help you brainstorm about setting goals for 5 days, 5 months or 5 years (if you rolled a 5 for example).  
  • Growth Questions – we actually spent the most time on this section – but some of the questions we didn’t even need to discuss because since have been married for a dozen years, there’s not too much at this point we don’t know about each other!  😉  I would love to give this game to couples that we mentor at our church for pre-marital counseling.  
  • Eco Playing Cards & Tea – Now I love me a good card game – especially euchre, cribbage, and solitaire.  My husband, on the other hand hates card games – so I’ll just use these with my kids.  😉  This also comes with stainless steel straws and some tea so that you can sip iced tea while you play!
  • Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Tips – If you are looking for some ways to be a bit more “green” in your life – there are some great tips on this page.
  • Ways to Continue your Date Night – many of these are eco-friendly activities you can do together as a couple and there is a list of movies – also many of them with an environmental theme.  

date night in box review - let love grow



What I LOVED about Date Night In:

  • It was a nice neat package, that we didn’t have to plan out.  The only thing we had to do was set aside the uninterrupted time to actually use the tools and games in the box to re-connect.  We didn’t have to get dressed up or leave the house (and while we were on an anniversary getaway) this is something anyone could do so they wouldn’t have to pay for a babysitter.  
  • There is a wide variety of activities that could be applied to virtually any relationship.  I loved how it came with a candle and music playlist, and I liked the growth questions (even though we as a couple already knew most of them about each other) but it gave us something different to talk about instead of kids or work or family drama.
  • I think this is a genius gift to give for a wedding.  Yes, getting items off of their registry can be fun and practical – but giving them a reason to stay connected is the best gift I think you can give.  

What I wish was a bit different with Date Night In Boxes:

  • I wish the boxes were maybe categorized better to the stage of life you are in with your spouse.  I’d love to be able to choose a box for parents of young kids, or married 10+ years, or new in your relationship and still dating, or newlyweds.  I think the activities could be better suited depending on where you are in your relationship.  While yes the growth questions on the deck of cards were good conversation starters, I again would have given them to a couple that was still getting to know each other, rather than to a couple that has been married for over 10 years.
  • I wish these were $25 per box instead of $40.  I’d way more likely sign up for a 3 or 6 or even 12 month subscription if they were in that price range.  Maybe I’ll ask for it as a gift from all of our parents for our anniversary next year.   With that being said, if you were to go out to a dinner and a movie and pay for a babysitter – it would cost you way more than $40 for a date night.  And even then, you may not be spurred on to have communication that actually connects you like the growth questions and the relationship timeline game.  


Overall, Date Night In Boxes are totally fun and its a nice surprise to have as a couple to get your own mystery box in the mail that is set up to help your relationship blossom.  I really want to try the Date Night In Box faith version as I feel like that fits my husband and I better – so hopefully I’ll have a review on that soon.

date night in box review - let love grow


Good news is that Night In Boxes often has promotions so that you can save money per box.  Right now they have an offer of getting 2 boxes for free with a 6 or 12 month subscription when you use promo code NIB2FREE.

If you are sick of going out to the same restaurants, or don’t want to pay for a babysitter, and want an intentional date where you don’t even need to think – then these are genius.  If you have friends or parents who want to give you a gift (especially when you already have your house established and have all you need) – then this is a totally fun option.  I also think these make brilliant wedding gifts – how fun for a newly married couple to get a date night in a box every month they are first married!!

date night in box review - let love grow

Interested in Kids Night In Boxes?  Check out my review here:


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