2020 Christmas Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts For Her – Unique Items She Will Love!

2020 Christmas Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts For Her – Unique Items She Will Love!

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Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for her this holiday season?  Be sure to scroll down this list of fun, unique, and pampering items that any woman would love to have this Christmas season!


Christmas gift for her - toxic free nailpolish


Sophi is a brand of nail polish that is all-natural and does not give off noxious fumes!
It makes great nail polish for adults (especially pregnant mamas because it is all-natural and free of all the nasties!!)

Christmas gift for her - toxic free nailpolish

My experience:  I received the acetone-free nail polish stripper, the prime+shine+seal system and a few colors. The nail polish stripper has 1,3-dioxolane as the active ingredient, which is a powerful solvent that is less toxic than acetone.  In my opinion, I still like acetone better, but this works with a couple of applications.  If you are wanting a toxic-free manicure, then I would recommend using the acetone-free nail polish stripper.The rest of the system starting with the primer, then 2-3 coats of color (I only did 2 coats and regret it – use 3!), followed by the sealer and shine makes for an amazing manicure!!  I have the gray color pictured above on my nails now and I LOVE it!  Best part – I didn’t stink up the room with the normal nail polish smell that we are used to.  These hardly smell at all!


Christmas gift for her - sugar facial cleanser
Refining Sugar Cleanser from MyCHELLE

“This refining sugar cleanser smells like a sugar cookie and is so amazing, you’ll want to eat it. Fantastic scrub for the face and body to get rid of dead skin cells and renew skin!” This sells for $19 a tube and I’m sure a tube lasts a long time if you do not use this as a daily cleanser, but for a weekly exfoliator.  

My experience:  This is a thick cream that is full of sugar and cleansing agents!  I wouldn’t necessarily agree that it smells like sugar cookies as the maker describes it, but it is an excellent exfoliant.  Now that I’m over 40, I’m using a retinol serum which tends to dry out my skin.  Using this exfoliating scrub plus an intense moisturizer is exactly what my face needs right now!

Christmas gift for her - manuka honey facial cleansing system

Aú Natural Skinfood

“Aú Natural Skinfood is not just skin care, it’s skin food! Superfoods like star ingredient Manuka honey offer deep hydration and many more skin health benefits. You’ll also find plenty of other natural ingredients native to pristine New Zealand like kiwi fruit. Aú Natural is just as good for the planet as for people. The company has done away with single-use plastic bottles and instead has created a line that provides you refillable aluminum bottles that you purchase only once and then refill with packs that are completely compostable and biodegradable. The Skinfood Discovery Kit is a 14 day supply of 4 travel-sized Au product essentials. $19.94″

My experience:  The AM cream is light but moisturizes well.  You can smell a bit of honey in it!  The PM cream is much thicker, but your skin does soak it all in for an intense moisturizing experience while you sleep.  This is the perfect moisturizing level I need while using a retinol serum!


Christmas gift for her - CBD muscle cream
Christmas gift for her - CBD muscle cream
Extract Labs CBD Muscle Cream

“This cream is AMAZING for any muscle pain on the body. The neck, back, shoulders soak this stuff right up and within minutes, the pain is much better! Athletes swear by this cream.”

My experience:  This is the first topical CBD product I have ever tried that was meant to treat pain.  Since I work in front of my laptop, I know I slouch too much during the day and my tight and sometimes painful shoulder muscles remind me of that. 

When I put this cream on, my shoulder pain literally disappeared in minutes!  Now I see why CBD is trending right now when it comes to pain relief.  Just like any product, the quality of the ingredients determines the price.  This CBD muscle cream is totally worth every penny if you suffer from chronic pain!

Eco Lips

Eco lips is going to have a HUGE Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals:

  •  We’re running BOGO on single balms from Friday, Nov. 27 through Monday, Nov. 30 

  • 25% off everything on Cyber Monday

  • Check out their different lines such as Mongo Kiss, Variety Packs, Lip Food Lip Balm, Brazilian Vegan Lip Tints, Holiday Lip Balms, Hand and Body Balms, Hemp and Lip Scrubs!!!!
  • These make the PERFECT stocking stuffers!  Especially when you can get a BOGO deal on Black Friday!

Christmas gift for her - Christmas essential oils

Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

This is my favorite brand of essential oils for the simple reason that they did not come from an MLM company and still have high-quality oils.  MLM companies have to increase the price to pay their distributors (such as Young Living and doTerra). 

I’d rather just shop online and not deal with the middle man, and this is the perfect brand if you want the same.  They consistently run sales promotions and release new products.  The most recent product that came out is the Christmas Morning Kit – with essential oils blends named Candy Cane, Warm and Cozy, and Evergreen Dream.

I have made a couple of essential oil diffusing ornaments that I like to put oils like Evergreen Dream on to help my fake tree smell like a real one!  Check out this Needle Felted DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Ornament and this Homemade Essential Oil Diffuser Christmas Tree Ornament (my most popular pin on Pinterest right now!) that you could make and use your favorite Christmas season essential oils on!

Christmas gifts for her - wine insiders

Wine Insiders

I actually tried Wine Insiders for the first time when they had their own “Prime Wine Days” sale.  They have some higher-end wines at a significant discount!  If you order a box of 6 or more bottles, shipping is free. 

I purchased a box for myself to try a few and to give as Christmas gifts this year.  I think it is totally worth it for the discounted prices, and for the convenience of home delivery!  There also is no club membership, so you are not required to buy a specific amount each month, which I appreciate!

Christmas Gifts for Her - wine tumblers
Wine Tumblers 

If you are considering getting wine from Wine Insiders, then you may as well get some tumblers to go with it!  I bought a set of 4 of these when there was a deal one week from my Amazon Promo Codes Deal List. I love the iridescent color and they are a nice set to have on hand when girlfriends come over for a glass of wine!

Christmas Gifts For Her - bathtub holder
Bathtub Holder

If you want to give a gift that will help the women in your life relax, then I highly recommend one of these!  A quiet and warm bath plus your favorite chick flick is just what a tired mom has ordered for the busy holiday season!

Christmas gifts for her - crated with love

Crated With Love Date Night in a Box  

  • With plans starting at $29.99 per box, we have options for every couple.
  • Every month is a brand new theme and a new date night adventure.
  • Ships throughout the month, so you’ll never have to wait too long for your date night to arrive.
  • Spend some time reconnecting and laughing with your partner!

Christmas gifts for her - crated with love

My Experience: My husband and I have not done our “date” yet, but we have a scheduled weekend getaway and I’ll bring this with us!  The Awkward Years box looks like a lot of fun! 

One of the first things you’ll find is a Spotify play list from songs from the 90’s.  I was jammin’ out to some New Kids On The Block, Will Smith, Dave Matthews, The Cranberries, and Backstreet Boys! 

There are 36 songs on the playlist, and many brought back memories from middle school through college years!  The games inside look like fun and I’ll be sure to learn more about my husband as we both share stories from that time in our life before we knew each other!

Use Promo Code DATENIGHT and get $5 off your next purchase!!

christmas gifts for her - meal planning subscription

My FreezEasy Meal Plans

is a meal planning service where you get 8 meal recipes + shopping list + how to make and freeze instructions for $12 a month.  Just $12 dollars takes away the stress of meal planning for a month! 

Each meal makes enough to eat one that night and freeze one for later, so it’s planning meals for 2 nights instead of just one.  PLUS you can customize and make your own meal plans which is great for anyone with dietary restrictions.  I  have a detailed post about how all of it works over here if you want more info before signing up!

Christmas gifts for her - gourmet appetit

Gourmet Appetit

This is a membership site where if you pay a small annual fee of $19, you’ll have access to all of the savings of gourmet treats that are all handcrafted.  Shipping is always free!  PLUS, you can save 40% on your annual membership fee using the promo code GOURMET40!

“GourmetAppétit.com offers you the very best in gourmet snacks and unique food gifts. You’ll enjoy expertly prepared remarkable treats made with the finest ingredients and handcrafted in small batches.

We take the traditional snack and add a unique twist of yumminess with over 450 varieties and flavors. For your convenience, you choose when and where you need your tasty treats delivered. We’ll make your day even sweeter with free shipping on select purchases.”

They have handcrafted yummies ranging from cupcakes, hard candies, chocolates, cookies, dip mixes, fudge and more!  This is the perfect sweet treat to give as a gift this holiday season!

My Experience:  I was able to try Riah’s Sweets homemade peanut butter cups!  You could tell they were homemade because there was real smooth peanut butter in the middle, not like the crumbly dry peanut butter in Reese’s cups.  I was going to give these as a gift, but I may just put them in the secret stash of “mom chocolate” that the kids can’t find.  🙂

Christmas gifts for her - e-cloth toxic free cleaning products


E-cloth is similar to Norwex, except it is way less expensive for the same quality of products!  E-cloth is not a MLM business, so they don’t need to pay their distributors, which reduces the cost of the product.  I use e-cloth cleaning products all over my house with the sponges, general all-purpose cleaning cloth, and the mop being my favorite!

If you want more details and a video on how e-cloth works – go read The Top 5 Secret Cleaning Hacks for TIRED Moms!!   I highlight my top 5 favorite products and why these will help any woman in your life have an easier time cleaning with this toxic free method!!!

Christmas gifts for her - custom paint by number

Winnie’s Picks

Winnie’s Picks is a small business that makes unique paint by numbers for adults. I love the idea that this craft helps people relax, and that it enables low-skilled painters, like myself, to make beautiful paintings.

They also offer custom paint by numbers. Customers love to paint a family (or their pet’s) picture and once the project is finished, and it’s a unique way to decorate your home.

Here is how I am doing so far on my custom painting. This is a picture that I took this past summer in Rocky Mountain National park.  It was so amazing to get this shot in this mama and baby moose!

Christmas Gifts for her - paint by number
Some of the painting done


Finished painting!

Christmas Gifts For Her - paint by number

Original Picture

Use coupon code happydealhappyday to save $5 off of your order!!!

The frame I got (which is the absolutely easiest way to frame a custom canvas) can be found here!  I just LOVE how this turned out and it was worth every minute to finish!

Klear Cap 

Klear Cap is the first self-cleaning universal UV-C wide-mouth water sanitization system in the world. Yes, few can finally have a wide mouth water bottle without the weird smell!! It’s equipped with a 275nm UV-C LED light that neutralizes up to 99.9999% of harmful and odor-causing germs.

Using the Klear Cap is simple. Fill any wide-mouth flask with water, then screw on the Klear Cap and press the button on top of the cap to begin the sanitization process. Finally, shake the bottle around to make sure all contents of your bottle are reached by the UV-C light.

The Klear Cap is also low-maintenance, and perfect for active and busy lifestyles. One charge can provide up to 25 cycles of sanitization, and the cap can be recharged via a magnetic USB charger

Klear Cap is also on a mission to provide clean water to those who do not have access to it. A portion of proceeds will go to supplying safe drinking water to communities in parts of the world where it is scarce.

Cheap Framable Printables!

There are 50 different printables to choose from that you can purchase for just $2 and print and frame today!!  Four of these are made specifically for Christmas.  The rest are inspirational or encouraging and can make a great and frugal gift for a girlfriend!

For the person that has everything, this may be the perfect gift! Especially in this germ conscious world we are living in currently during the pandemic!

I hope this list of unique gifts for her will inspire you to try one of these that will make the perfect Christmas gift for her this year!

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