Kids Eat Free – Guide of Restaurants and Days of the Week to Get Free Food For Kids!

Kids Eat Free – Guide of Restaurants and Days of the Week to Get Free Food For Kids!

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Looking for a restaurant where kids eat free?

Or maybe you are looking for days of the week kids eat free – like a “kids eat free Tuesday” or “kids eat free Wednesday.”

I have great news for you because I know a website that lists where and when kids eat free throughout the week!

Head over to the Traveling Parent  for the 2019 Kids eat free guide!

I know that not eating out is the best for our budgets.  But sometimes you just need to have some fun and entertainment outside of your home!  If you have kids, and are looking for the best deal when it comes to eating out, then be sure to find a restaurant and day of the week they serve free meals for kids.  The most popular days of the week to get free food for kids is on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but there are also some restaurants that have good deals on kids meals everyday of the week!

If you are looking for a totally free meal for the entire family – then check out my post here on how to get money for a date night (or family fun night at a restaurant.)

Even if your budget is tight – don’t forget to have some fun.  And if that means a night off from cooking, then by all means do that!  You should have some fun money already in your budget anyway!  Just use some of it when the kids eat free and you can spread out that fun money as much as possible!


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