Glass Pumpkin Thrift Store Makeover Decor

Glass Pumpkin Thrift Store Makeover Decor

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Today I’m going to show you a great thrift store makeover – perfect for fall decor on a budget!

I recently found this glass pumpkin at a local thrift store for just $1.

I immediately knew I wanted it, and was trying to figure out if I should fill it with pine cones or candy corn or acorns for seasonal decor.

But then I decided that I just wanted a clean look, and since white pumpkins are so popular right now, I just decided to just paint it white.

Finding glass or ceramic pieces at thrift stores and painting them a solid color is a great way to simplify and update decor – for a fraction of the cost of buying this new in the store!

Thrift Store Makeover

Materials needed for your glass pumpkin makeover:

Thrift Store Makeover Decor

This is a really simple DIY thrift store makeover  to spruce up any glass item from a thrift store that you want to match brighter farmhouse decor style. 

To start,  make sure your glass is nice and clean. 

You could rub it down with isopropyl alcohol before you paint. Then just put it on some newspaper in a well-ventilated area (I was outside!) and spray paint your glass!

Thrift Store Makeover Decor

When you spray paint, it is always better to paint 2 or 3 very thin coats, vs. one thick coat. 

Spray paint drips so easily that it really is better to add numerous thin coats – especially on glass items where paint easily slides and drips.

Thrift Store Makeover Decor

I decided to try and add a bit of contrast to mine by adding a bit of antique white on the bottom – for an almost ombre white effect. 

This is by no means mandatory, but I like the effect and how it turned out with the very subtle color change on the bottom.

Thrift Store Makeover Decor

Here is the thrift store makeover pumpkin fully painted and ready to add to any fall decor.

Thrift Store Makeover Decor

My pumpkin is currently in my kitchen hutch, but looks great with some fall sunflower arrangements!

Thrift Store Makeover Decor

Or make a pinecone filled vase and place your pumpkin next to it!

Thrift Store Makeover Decor

Or make an upcycled oven cover magnet board with a fall “thankful” message (or you can purchase one from my Handmade Amazon Shop!). 

Then get a Styrofoam pumpkin from the Dollar Tree and paint that too and add some glitter flourish stickers (see full tutorial here) OR get plant your own succulents in a white tea cup (also from a thrift store). 

All of these look wonderful with your white glass pumpkin!

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