Picture Frame Dry Erase Board for Thanksgiving – Includes Free Printable!

Picture Frame Dry Erase Board for Thanksgiving – Includes Free Printable!

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Throughout the month of November, I like to ask my kids each night at dinner to record one thing they are thankful for.  That way we can focus more on the act of thanksgiving all month long rather than just on the holiday itself.

Materials you need to make your own Picture Frame Dry Erase Board:

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Once you print out your “Today we are thankful for” sign, frame it and place it somewhere near the dinner table.  You could even surround it with some leaves and pinecones and make this your Thanksgiving Centerpiece!


Each night we take turns writing down one thing we are each thankful for.  The kids just love using the dry erase markers and erasing each day.  It might be a good idea to give each member of the family a different color marker and everyone can write down one thing daily.


This is an easy and fun way to get everyone mindful of all of the blessings we have, rather than focusing on what we don’t have.  Frankly, we should do this every day all year – and not just in November!  😉

What family traditions do you do with your family each year that focuses on our thankfulness?


You could also take turns passing this around during your thanksgiving feast and everyone at the table could write something different.   If you are looking for the lowest turkey prices of the season for your feast, then go here for the local turkey price deals.


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  2. I know this is a HUGE request, but I was just asked tonight to have centerpieces ready by tomorrow night for a party. I thought this would be a great one, but that party will be with hispanics! Is there ANY possible way you could email me a pdf with thr same wording in Spanish? It would say….Hoy estamos agradecidos por….

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