Budget Decor:  Bathroom Floating Shelves Above The Toilet Decor Idea

Budget Decor: Bathroom Floating Shelves Above The Toilet Decor Idea

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Ever see some really cute decor idea in a magazine or on Pinterest and you just want to know exactly how to replicate it?  Maybe decorating isn’t your forte and you just want someone to tell you exactly what each item is and where to get it?  Well today I’m going to show you this cute update I just put up in my bathroom.   I recently got some bathroom floating shelves for above my toilet and I’m going to show you exactly how I filled them.

floating shelves


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  1. First, get these floating shelves from Amazon
  2. Place on the upper left this Lantern with LED candle.
  3. Get a small galvanized bucket (I got mine at Michaels, but here is a similar one on Amazon), fill it with a small cube of floral foam and boxwood greenery and place it on the on the upper right floating shelf.
  4. For the bottom shelf, start with a small wood crate, (mine is 10″x6″ and I found it at a thrift store) and stain it with Rustic Reality Unicorn Spit.  Unicorn Spit is great because its a water based stain that’s easy to apply and toxic free.  After the stain dries, fill the wooden crate with a couple of toilet paper rolls and some rolled up wash cloths.
  5. Make some homemade bar soap – I have quite a few tutorials on making your own melt and pour hand soap. (You can make 12 bars in one hour – it’s really easy to do!)  Choose from Lavender, Lemon Poppy Seed, Orange Creamsicle, or Rose scented.  Each one comes with free printable soap labels!
  6. Grab a glass container to hold cotton balls – either an apothecary glass jar or in my case an upcycled yankee candle holder where I cleaned out the wax and removed the label.
  7. Get an 8oz jam mason jar that will become a q-tip holder.
  8. Last, add a bottle of Poo pourri and J.R. Watkins hand soap to complete filling your bathroom shelves!

Now wasn’t that easy?!  No more looking through a magazine or Pinterest and wondering how to get the exact look – because here it is!

Looking for more decor ideas?  Check out this post on 4 Tips on How To Decorate Farmhouse Style on a Budget!  Or if you are feeling crafty, try making these mason jar wall sconces or update an old display shelf.

Also, here is a great list of Farmhouse style decor ideas all under $20 on Amazon!

floating shelves


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