The Ultimate Homemade Soap Recipes for DIY Gifts

The Ultimate Homemade Soap Recipes for DIY Gifts

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Looking for an EASY and Personal DIY gift idea this season?  Then be sure to check out these homemade melt & pour soap recipes!

If the thought of making your own soap for a DIY Christmas or Mother’s Day or Teacher gift seems overwhelming – guess again!  I can make 12 bars in less than an hour!  You really just melt a soap base and add your own custom colors and scents and pour it into a mold.  

Super easy – yet wonderful for the recipient who is getting something useful made by you!

What are the ingredients for homemade soap?

There are several basic ingredients of soap depending on the base you’re using. Most soaps use a type of fat or oil, such as lard, coconut oil, or another milk-based foundation, such as shea butter soap or goat’s milk soap base.

Here are some of the best natural homemade soap recipes that are healthy for your skin and contain all the nutrients your body needs for cleaner, healthier skin. They all come with FREE PRINTABLE SOAP labels as well!!

Check out this melt and pour EASY Homemade Lavender Bar Soap Recipe!

Lemon Poppy Seed Homemade Soap

Lavender Rose with Gold Mica Powder Melt & Pour Soap

homemade soap recipes

Easy Melt & Pour Lime and Cedarwood Soap with Chia Seeds

homemade soap recipes

Easy Melt & Pour Orange Creamsicle Scented Soap

Easy DIY Homemade Melt & Pour Rose Soap with Glycerin & Goats Milk

6 homemade soap recipes for Mother's Day Gifts


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    • Nothing special is needed to store them – I’d avoid extreme temperatures – but otherwise – I just keep them in a box until I’m ready to wrap them up!

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