Top Kitchen Storage Ideas or Products to Make Life Easier In The Kitchen!

Top Kitchen Storage Ideas or Products to Make Life Easier In The Kitchen!

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Making the most of your kitchen space is critical to a well functioning kitchen.

I have some great kitchen storage ideas and products to share with you that will make life more organized and easier while preparing food.

Finding ways to utilize small areas of wasted space is the best strategy to free up more larger sections of space for storage.  Small changes like installing storage racks or using reusable produce bags can free up some space for items like small kitchen appliances.

If you have someone who loves cooking or baking and you are still looking for a gift for this holiday season – check out my top 5 practical gift idea suggestions listed below!

Reusable Mesh Bags or reusable produce bags,  Pack of 12 Washable Drawstring Storage Pouches In 3 Sizes Keep your fridge organized and extend the life and freshness of your garden produce and groceries with these premium reusable produce bags!

Each SGM set includes 12 mesh drawstring bags (3 small, 6 medium and 3 large), so that you can store every fruit and vegetable with ease.  They even have a tare weight tag for grocery shopping!

Why use disposable food storage bags, when you can save money and reduce your plastic waste with these reusable produce grocery bags? Plus you will no longer need large area for storage of plastic recyclable bags that can take up lots of room!

SimpleHouseware Over the Cabinet Door Organizer Holder

Don’t let the space on your cabinet or pantries go to waste when it comes to kitchen storage!  Use this over the door holder for items like bakeware pans, cutting boards, or cookie sheets!

It comes with an ultra thin hook with EVA foam padded to fit your cabinet door and protect the cabinet from scratches.  This particular holder can store 4 to 5 regular cutting boards.

36″ Ceiling Pot Rack in Chrome

One of my favorite storage idea we added to our kitchen was a ceiling pot rack!

Not only did it free up an entire cupboard, it also makes it so I’m not piling my pans on top of each other, which can cause pan scratches!  This model Includes 16, 3 inch Hanging Links, 2 Swivel Hooks, and4 Pan Hooks. Basic mounting hardware is also included.

Spicy Shelf Deluxe – As Seen on TV

Sick of searching all of your spice bottles or looking behind a stack of spices 5 deep to find the one you are looking for?  Try the Spicy Shelf and you can organize up to 64 spices and see them all at a glance!

This deluxe version is the new and improved Spicy Shelf which is 5 times stronger than the original. It now holds up to 40 pounds and has a “non-slip” surface!

Simple Houseware Kitchen Wrap Organizer Rack, White

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has had the stack of wrap boxes fall on my head after they get unbalanced and cascade to the floor!

Now after having this little contraption in my pantry, all of my cling wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper and parchment paper are stacked with ease and are not taking up any drawer space that I need for utensils!

These are just 5 of my favorite tools I use to help organize my kitchen.

If you have a favorite that is not on this list, leave a comment and I will add it here!

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