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10 Ways to Contain The Mess When Using Glitter with Kids

10 Ways to Contain The Mess When Using Glitter with Kids

With it being Spring break right now and you may be doing more projects with your kids at home,  I thought I’d share these tips as we “embrace the mess” with our kiddos!  🙂

If anyone is familiar with the MOPS organization (Mothers of Pre-schoolers), a few year’s back the theme was to Embrace the Mess. I am an active member in my local chapter in Livonia.  One of our meetings was to inspire each other to craft with our kids, embrace the mess, and even allow glitter in our houses!  🙂  But with that, we also came up with some tips how to contain the mess – especially when it comes to using glitter. 

Here is what we came up with:

  1. Use Newspaper over the table and on the floor for easy clean up
  2. Buy a Dollar Store plastic table cloth – shake outside when done (great for glitter, Christmas cookies, etc)
  3. Use bath tub as an art studio – make your messes in the tub and wash down the drain when you are done!
  4. Use muffin liners as your “canvas” for painting, glittering, glitter gluing and more!  Because of the way it is shaped, it naturally contains the mess.  Use the decorated liners and glue them to paper to make some flowers.
  5. Contact paper- makes for no mess, use with glitter, glitter glue, tissue paper, etc
  6. Do your glitter projects on a cookie sheet to contain the mess.  When your project is done – just dump the cookie sheet!
  7. Complete glitter projects outside – make your yard sparkle!
  8. Use packing tape to clean up glitter
  9. Use play-doh to clean up glitter
  10. Use a ball of lint to clean up glitter – great idea to give dryer lint a purpose.  🙂


My personal favorite though is to just use GLITTER GLUE!  No glitter mess!  🙂  In fact – you should check out this Sensory Bag Using Glitter Glue and Body Wash!

So here is a Glitter Glue deal for you:

Elmer’s 3D Washable Glitter Pens, Classic Rainbow and Glitter Colors, Pack of 10 Pens for $3.97, down from $7.99.

glitter is always an option 2

You can also get this “Glitter Is Always An Option” T-Shirt over on Amazon and advertise your glitteriness!!  🙂

What tips do you have when it comes to glitter projects and messes??  Share below in the comments!!!!

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