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Easter Egg Decorating Idea | Decoupage Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg Decorating Idea | Decoupage Easter Eggs!


Easter Egg Decorating Idea | Decoupage Easter Eggs! |

This is a fun, frugal, but a little messy way to decorate Easter eggs that will keep year after year – Decoupage Easter Eggs!


Materials you will need for this Easter Egg Decorating Idea:

Plastic Eggs  (I’m sure you can get these for a $1 at any dollar store!)  After Easter Clearance = around $0.25 per pack!

White Liquid Glue or Mod Podge

Newspaper print (or magazine)

Glitter Glue (optional)

 How to Decoupage Easter Eggs:

  1.  Get a few plastic Easter eggs.  Make a 50/50 mixture of water and white glue. 

2.  Choose a color scheme of newspaper print colors that you would like your egg design to be.  I chose purple, white and blue as you can see in the pic above. 

3.  Cut and/or rip the newspaper into small pieces and submerge into the glue/water mixture.  Cover each plastic egg with the newspaper until your design is complete.  This is the messy part and you may need to let them get a bit tacky a piece at a time before you put on another strip of paper.  Otherwise, they will slip off, and you’ll get annoyed, and throw the whole project out the window.   😉

4.  Let it dry overnight.  Squeeze some glitter glue onto the dried decoupaged egg, and smear around until an even layer of glitter is on each egg.  This is a great frugal Easter Egg decor project that the kids will love to be involved in too!  These cost me less than $5 to make!

egg carosal

Your decoupage eggs would be super cute to display in an egg carousel like this one!

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Easter Egg Decorating Idea | Decoupage Easter Eggs! Love this idea to use plastic eggs over and over each year!