20 Spring Craft DIY Decor Ideas

20 Spring Craft DIY Decor Ideas

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Looking for ways to brighten up your home now that Spring has officially arrived??  Here are 20 Spring Craft DIY Decor Ideas.

Spring Craft DIY Decor Ideas - spring vase with fairy lights

Spring Vase Idea

This DIY spring artificial topiary is the perfect way to bring spring colors into the home. After a long winter, its nice to have bright colors around as an antidote for cabin fever and the welcoming of spring.

This is an easy project that is easy customize to your color of choice.

Moss Spring Wreath 

I love bringing the outdoors in! My personal home decor style is all about things that are light and bright with lots of outdoorsy touches for a clean and fresh feel.

This moss wreath is the perfect addition to your front door or over your mantle. The green is perfect for this time of the year too. It transitions perfectly from St. Patrick’s Day, to Easter, to plain and simple Spring decor.

And while you might be thinking that this wreath would be difficult to make – it’s so easy! Thanks to moss mats. They are awesome sauce!

Easter Bunny Pom Pom Critter 

This Easter Bunny Pom Pom craft is perfect for the little ones, they will love this cuddly little critter and they can make it on their own. For a supply list and instructions read more….

Daffodil Spring Banner 

Spring is here! I have friends who are surrounded by snow… but in Vegas, spring has sprung! This daffodil banner is the perfect way to bring some of that spring indoors (even if there are still patches of snow outdoors). I whipped up my banner in 15 minutes, it was that quick and easy.

Spring Craft DIY Decor Ideas - garden kneeler

Washi Tape DIY Garden Kneeler 

Do your knees get sore just thinking about working in the garden? If so, you need a garden kneeler to lessen the impact on them. You don’t have to spend big bucks on a garden kneeler, instead, why not dress up a dollar store one instead?

Take a look below at how we created a washi tape DIY garden kneeler using just $2 in Dollar Tree supplies. It is the perfect way to keep your knees comfortable while you complete your gardening tasks!

Easy Spring Decorating with Split Peas 

We are in that time of year where it isn’t quite fully Spring {hello…snow predicted in two days!} but I still want to add little touches of Spring into our house to remind me what is near. Since this is really transitional decor, I want this to be cheap and easy decorating. And, it really doesn’t get much cheaper or easier than this!

Mod Podge Flowers 

You really can make crafty flowers out of anything! I created over a dozen flowers using craft supplies, and this Mod Podge flower was one of my most surprising results. I really love how it turned out! I used Podgeable papers to make my Mod Podge Flower, but you could add photos of your children, or small drawings your children have done to make this more special. With custom touches, it would make a great Mother’s Day gift!!

Spring Craft DIY Decor Ideas - painted mason jar

Late Spring/ Early Summer Burlap Wreath 

A few weeks ago, I made a spring ribbon wreath and proudly hung it on our front door. Then, Mathlete came home and asked me why I had a Christmas wreath on our door. Insert sigh followed by immediate crafting of new wreath which I will call my late spring/early summer wreath

Spring Wreath with Forsythia and Burlap 

With this unusual warm winter we are having in NY, I keep wondering if my Forsythia will be confused and want to bloom early! I’d love to see that yellow color, so I have some artificial forsythia that I used in my spring wreath to brighten up my kitchen while we wait for spring to officially arrive.

This spring wreath is really is easy to make – and it should bring a little cheer to these gloomy days of winter!!

DIY Grass Head Pots 

Remember Chia Pets? I never had one of my own, but I remember how cool they looked in commercials during Saturday morning cartoons. It seems that they are making a comeback, and my kids started asking for their own Chia Pets recently. I thought surely we could make something similar that would be more fun and much cheaper too.

Spring Craft DIY Decor Ideas - duct tape planter

Duck Tape Flower Pot 

When Duck Tape® recently asked me to come up with a spring time craft with their tape, I knew it had to involve plants. And since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I thought this would make for a great DIY Mother’s Day gift idea.

Bunny Bouquet for Less Than $2! 

Every Easter I look for a fun little spring time gift to bring to my neighbors. After seeing various super-cute Peeps crafts on Pinterest, I was inspired to make a little bouquet with them.

As I’m making many of these bouquets for all my friends, I also didn’t want to break my budget, but still wanted to have something charming to deliver. This is a time when I absolutely love dollar stores for crafting!

DIY Bird Feeder 

My most recent DIY project or I really should call it a DIY hack since it so easy and inexpensive to do, is perfect for fall. Even my 10 year old daughter could do this on her own. Today I want to share with you how I made a bird feeder from a roll of Bounty paper towel!

Spring Paper Flower Topiary 

This DIY spring artificial topiary is the perfect way to bring spring colors into the home. After a long winter, its nice to have bright colors around as an antidote for cabin fever and the welcoming of spring.

Spring Craft DIY Decor Ideas - paper poppies

Paper Poppy 

In the past, I used to make a lot of cards. I don’t make them as much anymore, but card making supplies can be used to make other things – like these fun paper poppies!

These paper poppies are made using die-cut shapes that are very simply put together. You can whip up some paper poppies of your own in just a few minutes! And you don’t have to stick to orange – use whatever colors you like!

25 DIY Wreath Ideas

Here are 25 wreath ideas you can DIY for your home all year long! You’ll love these basic materials to beautiful your home in the fall, winter, spring, and summer!

DIY Rustic Spring Mantle Decor 

Today I made a sweet rustic spring sign to sit on the mantle and welcome spring. I didn’t even have to break out the hot glue gun today- I wanted to avoid burning my fingertips, that happens a lot.

So, anyway… I foraged around for a few items, and in 20 minutes I had this cute sign- if you wanted to you could hang twine or ribbon from the top and hang it on the wall as well.

Decoupage Easter Eggs 

This is a fun, frugal, but a little messy way to decorate Easter eggs that will keep year after year – Decoupage Easter Eggs!

spring craft DIY decor ideas - sharpie and rubberband easter eggs

Easter Egg Decorating Idea Using Sharpies & Rubberbands

Here is a fun and colorful Easter egg decorating idea using sharpies and rubber bands! You can color eggs in more than one color in some really cool pattern of geometric shapes. I covered it with glitter as well – because doesn’t glitter always make decorations better!!??

Find even more craft ideas over here!

Spring Craft DIY Decor Ideas

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