DIY Spring Wreaths With Forsythia & Burlap!

DIY Spring Wreaths With Forsythia & Burlap!

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 Spring Wreaths | With Forsythia & Burlap!

With this unusual warm winter we are having in NY, I keep wondering if my Forsythia will be confused and want to bloom early!  I’d love to see that yellow color, so I have some artificial forsythia that I used in my spring wreath to brighten up my kitchen while we wait for spring to officially arrive.

This spring wreath is really is easy to make – and it should bring a little cheer to these gloomy days of winter!! 

Materials Needed to make this yourself:

**Decorative Yellow Forsythia 

**FloraCraft Straw Wreaths, 14-Inch Straw Wreath

**Beacon Duct Tape, 2-Inch by 10-Yard, Natural Brown Burlap Print (I got by grown tape with black flowers on clearance from Walmart for $3 per roll)

**FloraCraft® Burlap Garland, 5 Inches by 10 Yards (I got mine for $3 at Walmart at 50% off after Christmas clearance)

**Various Blue flowers – I had on hand from old wedding decorations of mine

**Glue gun


spring wreaths


I purchased a few of these straw wreaths because they were only $3 each.  BUT, I quickly learned why they are so cheap.

Once you take the plastic off of them, the straw sheds off and they kind of make a mess.  But I still liked the color of the straw, and I didn’t want to just throw them out, so I found a way to make it work.  That’s when I got out the brown and black flower tape.  I placed this around the wreath every few inches and that significantly stopped the “straw shedding.”  I bet you could dip this entire wreath in a water/glue mixture or spray with some clear spray paint to help hold it together as well.


spring wreaths


The next “layer” was the forsythia garland that I got on Amazon.  Forsythia is the first flower to bloom in my area.  It’s bright color fills me with hope that Spring will eventually come!!  I just hot glued this down in a few places (glue gun is very much your friend in this project!)

spring wreaths


I had some small blue flowers that had wires that I just tucked under the tape.  Thought it brought out a nice pop of my favorite color.  🙂

spring wreaths


Blue and silver were my wedding colors, and I had a bunch of blue fake flowers on hand for years now.  I made up a bunch and added those to the side.

What makes this wreath in my opinion though is the burlap bow!!!! Check out how to do so on this post here:  How to Make the Perfect Bow.  She does a great job showing you step by step how to use the burlap and a stapler to make this awesome bow for the final touch on the wreath.

This isn’t the first wreath I’ve made!  Check out some others for inspiration:

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spring wreaths


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7 Responses to DIY Spring Wreaths With Forsythia & Burlap!

  1. This wreath is gorgeous! Purchasing wreaths can be so expensive, so I’m all for creating my own. I need to get started making one for spring, and this idea is perfect!

  2. Lovely wreath!! Thank you so much for the ‘SPRING’ inspiration-and for sharing at The Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

  3. Such a pretty wreath. Thanks for the tip for the straw wreath, the tape looks great. It’s good when you can find a way to make something work instead of having to abandon a project.

  4. What a pretty wreath! Now, if only spring would get here. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us on Inspire Me Monday!