What Sort of Crafts Can you Make with Coupon Freebie Items?

What Sort of Crafts Can you Make with Coupon Freebie Items?

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Life is slowly but surely settling into a routine with my newborn and juggling life with my 3 year old and trying to keep up with my blog.

But while I’m still adjusting – I thought I’d try and inspire you to come up with some creative ideas that can be featured here on future posts on Happy Deal – Happy Day!

My question to you is, what sort of crafts can you make with coupon freebies items?

If you’ve been reading here long enough, you know I have my Crafting From Your Stockpile series.

Here are just a few items that I’ve gotten dirt cheap/free using coupons, that I’ve turned into craft decor projects, that are obviously frugal and fun!

Toilet paper cardboard rolls

Cupcake liners

Melting Crayon Art

Shaving Cream

Dental Floss #1

Dental Floss #2

Bar Soap

Plastic Bags & Toothpaste Tubes


Cardboard packaging

Deodorant containers #1

Plastic caps from soda bottles


Deodorant containers #2

Panty Liners

Eye Shadow & Nail Polish

What sort of craft have you frugally made?  I’d love for you to submit your ideas for possible posting!!!!

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