Inexpensive and Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

Inexpensive and Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

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If you are in need of an inexpensive and easy homemade gift idea, here are some fantastic ideas that I have made in the past!

These are the best homemade gifts I have given and are good, inexpensive gifts for friends or coworkers!  These creative homemade gift ideas are guaranteed to be enjoyed by the recipient and are easy to put together!

Plus many of these ideas come with free printable labels or tags, giving them a professional look!

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas - lentil soup in a jar

Dry Soup Mix In A Jar Recipes – Curried Lentil Soup with Free Printable Recipe Card

Gather the dry ingredients and place them in a jar with a recipe card and optional fun ladle! 

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas - chocolate mug cake mix in a jar

Chocolate Mug Cake Mix in a Jar Recipe

This is an easy 3-2-1 recipe of dry cake mix that you can make in the microwave in just one minute.  Perfect for chocolate loving friends!

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas - snowflake bath confetti

How to Make Bath Confetti – Easy DIY Gift Idea!

This is made out of paper that dissolves in water, castile soap, and essential oils.  Give the gift of relaxation with this DIY bath confetti!

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas - frankincense soap

Homemade Soap for Christmas with Pine & Frankincense Essential Oils

Making soap is easier than you may think – especially when you read how easy it is to make this pine and frankincense scented melt and pour soap.  You can make 12 bars in less than an hour and knock off many gifts in just one batch!

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas - charcoal face soap

DIY Charcoal and Clay Facial Bar Soap with Essential Oils

This melt and pour soap recipe uses essential oils, charcoal, and clay to create a unique facial bar soap to spoil a friend with this DIY bath & beauty gift.  Again, you can make 12 bars in under an hour!

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas - lavender and rose soap

Easy Melt & Pour Lavender & Rose Soap with Gold Mica Powder

Here is a slightly fancier version of melt and pour soap that will make the recipient hard to believe that you made it – and they are truly easy to make!

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas - homemade card

Homemade Note Cards Using Shaving Cream & Food Coloring!

This uses shaving cream and food coloring to create the unique design on the card.  Keep your colors to red and green to make your own Christmas cards or tags with this technique!

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas - scrabble tile christmas wall hanging

Unique Christmas Decorations: Scrabble Tile Christmas Magnet Boards

This is another fun crafty gift idea where you can turn scrabble tiles into magnets and make some seasonal wall decor!

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas - succulents in a tea cup

Succulent Tea Cups | Frugal Gift Idea

Grab some teacups from a thrift store and plant some succulents!  The recipient can enjoy the plant on their desk or they can replant in their yard and watch it spread!

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas - repurposed cookie tins

Turn Those Ugly Cookie Tins Into an Adorable Re-Usable Gift Box!

Have any old or ugly or cookie tins that could use a makeover?  Give them a spray paint makeover and turn them into reusuable gift boxes!

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas - photo transfer on wood

Photo Transfer on Wood – Rustic & Antique Style!

Learn how to transfer a photo on to a piece of wood and create a personal DIY handmade gift idea!

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas- needle felted essential oil diffuser ornament

Needle Felted Essential Oil Diffuser Ornament

Making needle felted Christmas ornaments are easy to make, and also make great essential oil diffusers!  Add some Christmas essential oil blends to the ornaments to spread the scent of Christmas cheer!

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas origami money flower poinsettia

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas: Poinsettias With Money Origami Flower!

This is a creative way to include a bonus cash gift within a poinsettia plant with money origami flowers!

Plus – check out this list of DIY bath and Beauty Gifts you can make!


Tips For Creating Inexpensive and Frugal DIY Gift Ideas

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