How To Tell if a Coupon has Been Photocopied – My Cashier Taught Me What They Look For!

How To Tell if a Coupon has Been Photocopied – My Cashier Taught Me What They Look For!

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If you are a coupon user, then hopefully you are a coupon user that wants to follow the rules.

I really get ticked off when people try to scam their way out of a better deal when it is wrong and/or illegal.  It just ruins it for the rest of us.

Coupons have specific guidelines that we need to follow.  If we try to wiggle our way around trying to use a coupon on a product that we shouldn’t, then it’s wrong.

And if we are caught, then it just gives coupon users a bad reputation.  And if we have a bad reputation, then cashiers get annoyed and give us a hard time when all we are trying to do is save some money for our family.

So here are a few friendly reminders when using coupons to keep both the coupon users and the stores happy!

1.  Don’t try to use an expired coupon in hopes no one will notice.

Most computers know the expiration date anyway and the coupon won’t scan.

2.  Don’t use a coupon on a product that doesn’t match what the coupon says.

For example, if the coupon says it excludes trial and travel size – then don’t try to use it on them anyway!

3.  Follow the stores coupon policy.

Double check your stores policy in advance (they are usually found online) and follow it!  If there is a limit to the # of coupons per item to be used, then be sure that is what you have.  (For example, Wegmans limits 4 coupons of the same item per transaction.)

4.  Don’t photo copy printable coupons!!!

Newbies to couponing may not be aware that this is illegal and you can serve jail time on this if caught!

Each printable coupon has its own unique # on it.  Look at the image above – the numbers next to the red arrows need to be all different if you have multiple printable coupons of the same product.

If the numbers are the same, then you are scamming the system and its like using counterfeit money.  My cashier laid out all of my Degree deodorant coupons last week to compare #’s and make sure they were all different.

5. Be polite!

Even if the customer behind you is driving you nuts with impatience over you taking a bit of extra time for your transaction, – it doesn’t’ hurt to smile at him or her and apologize for the wait.

Also, don’t get all antsy if a cashier is double checking to make sure your coupons match what you bought.  If you are following the rules and doing nothing wrong, then be patient and have a smile on your face.

You can be annoyed in your car later while you are alone.  If coupon users are friendly, it makes it easier for all of us!!  🙂

**No one is perfect and we all make mistakes.  I had a few expired coupons in my pile last week.

They slipped in and I just feel bad because I don’t want to develop a reputation that makes it seem like I’m trying to cheat the system.

If we all follow the rules and keep smiles on our faces, it makes it work for everyone.  So let’s encourage each other to all do the same – especially if we are talking with friends or in online Facebook coupon groups!

Don’t let any of this stop you from using coupons though – in fact GO HERE and print off all of the latest you can from!  You can print 2 copies per computer.

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8 Responses to How To Tell if a Coupon has Been Photocopied – My Cashier Taught Me What They Look For!

    • You should not be printing any PDF coupons at all. Only direct from the website such as etc. And when you hit the website limit you are done printing. Passing around PDFs of coupons is the same as making photocopies.

        • i just printed a coupon that has the same barcode and i called the company and they said their company has the same barcode what am i suppose to do now?

          • Did you print this from or a different site? If its from the company site itself, it may be a different format that – in that case you should be fine to use it more than once. Your cashier may question it – but hopefully you’ll have no issues.

  1. I tired using 2 different coupons for 2 sale items at Walgreens and the cashier told me the barcode numbers had to be different, the barcode on the bottom left of the manufacture coupon from, I asked him if he was probably referring to the numbers on the top right hand side and he said no. Is this correct? please help, thank you!!

  2. Hmmm…if you printed 2 different copies from, then you should have had no problem using them. I would try again with a different cashier.

    • Yeah I just went to a different store and they didn’t give me a problem with it. thank you for your reply!