Halloween Deals & Coupons:  Frugal Trick or Treats!

Halloween Deals & Coupons: Frugal Trick or Treats!

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halloween deals list

Here is a collection of Halloween Deals and Coupons to help you save on your festivities throughout this coming week:

Restaurant Offers

Wendy’s Frosty Booklets: $1 for a Booklet with 5 Free Jr. Frosty Coupons, exp. Jan ’16! (participating locations, note lucky Central Ohio locations booklets only have 10 coupon inside!).

Bob Evans Trick or Treat Tuesdays: Kids Eat Free (with adult purchase) on Tuesday 10/21 and 10/28 after 4 pm.  Come in costume for fun, games and prizes!

Steak Escape: Buy One, Get One Half Off , exp. 10/31/15

Krispy Kreme Freebie: Wear your costume to any of participating US or Canadian Krispy Kreme shops on 10/31 and score a Free doughnut!

IHOP: Kids 12 and under get a free scary face pancake on 10/30/15, 7 am-10pm.

Frisch’s Big Boy: $1 for booklet with 6 Free Mini Kids Meals.

Chipotle Boorito: $3 Burrito from 5-close on Halloween Night when you wear a costume AND add an “unnecessary additive”! (proceeds go to charity)

Sabarro: Kids in costume get Free Slice of Pizza with purchase (10/31).

Not yet confirmed for 2015

Outback Steakhouse: Free Kids Meal (with adult purchase) on Halloween (10/31).

Olive Garden: Free Kids Meal with adult purchase on Halloween (10/31)

Sonic: $0.50 Corn Dogs on Halloween (10/31)

Pei Wei: Kid’s in costumes on Halloween (10/31) get a Free cookie with purchase. This was sent via email.  Must print/show email to redeem.

Candy Deals

Search for Grocery Candy Deals: Do a “candy” search using the Favado app, and you can see where you can find the best deals right now before trick or treaters are knocking on your door next week!

Amazon- Wilton Halloween Candy Molds:

Wilton Smiling Pumpkins Lollipop Mold– $3.55 + Free Shipping with $35+ purchase (see lowest price on right under “ad to cart button”)

Wilton Pumkin Harvest Pretzel Mold for $5.49

Remember Amazon pricing subject to change.

Or in case you are looking for a Trick Rather Than a Treat – Read This about the Scary Sugar Free Haribo Candies!!!!

Costume Deals

Amazon Costumes: Prime users can take advantage of that quick 2 day shipping to get last minute Halloween costumes, decor and more!

Other Halloween Themed Deals

Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest DVD for $4.99

8″ LumiStick Brand Glowsticks Glow Stick Bracelets Mixed Colors (Tube of 100) for $9.87 use Prime membership to get Free 2 day shipping. Remember Amazon pricing subject to change.


(Thanks Mission To Save!)

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