“Let God” Christian Movie Review

“Let God” Christian Movie Review

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I just watched this movie, Let God, and want to tell you about it:

The faith-based film  follows the story of young housewife, Amelia, who heads west with her husband during the 19th century gold rush and is left alone without resources in the harsh wilderness when her husband is killed in a savage attack. Battling winter, hunger and the unknown, Amelia must take life into her own hands as she struggles with a loss of faith and battles for her survival.

You can buy it over at FamilyChristian.com for $15.99.  I don’t see it yet on Amazon – this one would be great if you could just rent and stream over Prime.

You can see the trailer here 

This was an intense movie.  When I watched the preview, I was nervous that it was going to cause too much anxiety and that I wouldn’t be able to get through it. It turned out to be a pretty slow paced film, and not every “stressful” event was completely believable.  My heart didn’t beat as fast as I thought it would as I imagined myself as the main character.  But it really does leave you with a great message to overcome fear.  For my local readers, I’d picture this movie being played at the Little Theater in Rochester – it’s more of a creative, artistic film that leaves it open for you to soak in what you can from the film.  

Here is my favorite quote from this movie:

let god dvd

I was provided a copy of this movie for free and all opinions are 100% my own.

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