Ginger Oil and Lime Soap – With Free Printable Soap Labels!

Ginger Oil and Lime Soap – With Free Printable Soap Labels!

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I’ve been having so much fun making different varieties of easy melt and pour soaps and wanted to create one had a more unique scent that previous ones I had made (like lavender or rose.) I already had ginger essential oil, and I wanted to add a citrus scent to it. So I got a bottle of lime essential oil and got started experimenting with my new ginger and lime soap scent.

If you’ve never tried making your own melt and pour soap making, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is.

You can use natural and organic soap bases so you know you are making toxic free soap. These make absolutely wonderful gifts! This scent smells good enough to eat (but don’t eat it 🙂 !) and will be a unique addition to your bathroom toiletry supplies!

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

What is ginger soap good for?

Ginger has powerful antiseptic properties that help eliminate acne-causing bacteria that clogs pores, clears up skin imperfections, and reduce inflammation caused by blemishes. Ginger is also helpful when you’re suffering from skin burns.

What You’ll Need to Make this Easy Melt & Pour Ginger and Lime Soap Recipe:

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This is enough to make 24 bars

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

We are going to be making this soap in 2 different layers – one glycerin layer and one goat’s milk soap layer.  

So we will melt and pour the glycerin layer first.  Start by cutting up the glycerin soap into smaller cubes and placing them in your microwave-safe glass measuring cup.  My Pyrex cup can only hold one pound of soap at a time – (half of what you ordered) which is enough to make 12 bars.

When your soap is cut into cubes, place in the microwave for (3) 30-second intervals, stirring in between each interval.

You may need a 4th time, depending on how full your cup is of soap.  Just be sure the soap is completely melted.

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

This next step is optional, but I did want to add a bit of lime green color to my glycerin soap.  I decided to zest a lime and add about a tablespoon of lime zest to my melted soap.

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

I will say that the bright green color does fade a bit when it is actually in the soap, but it does give the soap an interesting texture in this layer!

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

Then add 20 drops of lime essential oil and stir well.  20 drops will give you a mild scent that is not overpowering.  If you’d like a stronger smell, then I’d add 30-40 drops.

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

This is the first layer of soap – lime-scented, melted and ready to pour into the mold.

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

If you want a splash of gold mica on the top of your soaps (and who wouldn’t, right? 🙂 then you need to sprinkle the gold mica powder in your soap mold before you pour in your soap.

I found that placing the mica powder in a tea infuser works great to spread the powder out evenly.

I gently tapped the tea infuser on the side of the mold and the powder gently falls and you’ll get a nice even sprinkling of our “soap bling.”

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

Take your melted lime scented soap and pour it into each soap mold until you fill each up halfway.

When you pour, try to aim the soap in the corner of the mold so you don’t disrupt too much of the cold powder that you want to shine on the top of the soap bars.

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

As the soap cools, you will want to use your skewer and create a bumpy surface.  Probably wait about 5 minutes for the soap to cool and you can then move the soap around a bit to create this texture.

This will help the goat’s milk layer to stick better when you pour that in next.

You can also experiment with stirring up the gold powder a bit as well.  If you want more gold to be in the soap rather than just one top, then swirl the soap around a bit as it cools.

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

While you are waiting for the glycerin layer to cool and texturize, go ahead and start heating up your goat’s milk soap in 30-second intervals in the microwave.  Again, stir each time in between and microwave it until it’s fully melted – about 1 minute and a half to 2 minutes total.

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

This is the goat’s milk soap about half melted.  Be sure there are not hard soap lumps in it as you stir.

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

To this soap batch, add another 20 drops of ginger essential oil and one tablespoon of ginger powder.  Stir this until it is well blended.

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

Be sure the glycerin layer is cool enough so that when you pour in the goat’s milk layer, it won’t pour into a liquefied glycerin layer. Be sure there is a solid glycerin layer to pour on.   Fill the rest of the soap mold cavities with the ginger scented goats milk soap layer.

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

If you notice any bubbles on the top after pouring, you can give it a quick spray of isopropyl alcohol and the bubbles disappear.  That ensures a nice smooth bottom to your soap.

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

Let the bars fully cool before attempting to pop them out of the mold.  I’d wait for a few hours.

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

Here is one bar after it is cooled – I just love the ivory-colored ginger layer combined with the gold lime layer!  This looks like very fancy soap that was super easy to make!!!

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes

I used some gold leaf ribbon and lime green tulle to tie around a couple of bars.  Now I have a great gift for a friend, or for my mom on Mother’s day.  You could even bring these as favors if you have a St. Patrick’s Day gathering!

Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes free printable soap labels

I also have some free printable soap labels you can download, print, cut and wrap around your bars of soap for a professional looking homemade soap gift!  Fill out the form below to get them e-mailed to you!

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Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes - includes free printable soap labels

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  1. I know this is a stupid question (I’ve never used goats milk soap or made melt and pour soap before)…is this soap for moisturizing or “cleansing”/washing? I’m loving your recipes, by the way. I made a batch of the lavender soap this weekend and had the same question. Thank you for making the recipes and step by step tutorials available.

    • KR – I would say they are more for cleansing/washing. But each soap base is different – so to truly get your answer, check out what the labels say on the soap base itself. Glad you are enjoying making soap!! 🙂

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