The Fastest Apple Peeler That Peels in 10 Seconds:  Your Drill!

The Fastest Apple Peeler That Peels in 10 Seconds: Your Drill!

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Watch a 19 second video to see how easy it is to use your drill to peel an apple in about 10 seconds!!! I did this this year when we made apple sauce!! Totally cool kitchen hack!!

Maybe you have heard of this already – using your drill as the ultimate apple peeling tool!

I thought I had seen this somewhere online awhile back.  But I was shocked when I walked into my kitchen to see my engineer husband, peeling apples for apple sauce, using his drill!!!  (he has never been on Pinterest, nor does he have a Facebook account – so he was not influenced by social media when he came up with this one.)

lawn mower project

Now I’m used to these sort of engineering shenanigans in my house.  Some of them I just roll my eyes over (like the time he attached a push mower to a riding mower to make it a wider cut.

Don’t worry, we have since purchased a larger zero turn mower.) 🙂  But him using his drill in the kitchen for cooking purposes is just so fun that I just had to share it with all of you!

Talk about a major time saver when you want to peel a bunch of apples for apple sauce or apple pie filling!

apple peeler corn cob nob

My hubby got out his handy dandy Dewalt drill.  Then he dug through my kitchen utensil drawer until he found my Pampered Chef Corn Cob Nobs.  (these knobs are discontinued – you may be able to find them cheaper though on Ebay).

Or maybe try these screw-in corn cob knobs.  He inserted one of the corn cob nobs like you would a drill bit.  I have an Oxo Good Grips Peeler that I LOVE!  He sped up the drill, with the peeler in hand, and there you have the 10 second apple peeler!

You can watch the whole process in the 19 second video I took of my husband!

He peeled a bunch that day so that we made a giant batch of apple sauce with apples from our own trees.  It turned out so yummy – tasted just like apple pie filling when it was all done.

Other than the yummy taste, the best part was that it didn’t take ALL DAY to peel the apples!!  I would say this is for sure even faster than using one of these Heavy duty apple peeler, corers.

apple slicer corer

I also have one of these Apple Slicer and Corers that I use all the time – you can grab one on Amazon!

(Note:  if that one is currently unavailable, try this one.)  Once the apple is peeled, you can quickly core and slice it with this, and plop it in some vitamin C infused water (to prevent browning) until its time to cook down the apples for apple sauce!

What are some of your favorite time saving tricks you use in the kitchen??

11 Responses to The Fastest Apple Peeler That Peels in 10 Seconds: Your Drill!

  1. My mind is blown, this is amazing! I gave up making skin-off things from the apple tree due to the effort required and not having an apple peeler.

  2. I have a Pampered Chef apple peeler, corer, slicer, but this is unique and faster. Cudos to your hubby for his engineering genius! I found you on Homemaking Matters Linky Party.
    Wishes for tasty dishes,

  3. GENIUS! And what a fantastic way to get your husband involved in the applesauce making process 🙂 Thanks for sharing this at #HomeMattersLinkParty, pinning this for next fall when we go apple picking! 🙂

  4. Wow, what a great idea! Your husband is a keeper for sure. Takes less work and is an awesome idea. I would love if you shared this genius idea at our link party this Sunday, Dishing It & Digging it.