8 Products for Kids or Mom That Will Come In Handy This Summer!

8 Products for Kids or Mom That Will Come In Handy This Summer!

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products for kids or mom this summer

I have teamed up with a handful of companies who would like to share with you some products for Kids or Mom that will come in handy this summer!  I have been able to view, read, or try each of these so I can verify that I too like them. 🙂

space journey home book

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home

The captivating, gorgeously illustrated story tells the tale of the child and their robot friend who are out taking their spaceship for a spin when an asteroid passes by and makes them spill lemonade on their navigation system, ruining it. With no way now to tell where they are, the two friends go on a journey of a lifetime, meeting unlikely new friends who help guide them to their ultimate destination: home.

I’ve seen personalized kids books before (and love them!) – but I’ve never seen one that uses Google Maps and shows a picture of your house!  Cool! 🙂

Buy The Incredible Intergalatic Journey Home HERE!

owlgories uncle si

Learn Lessons about Refining Fire, the Greatest Gift and God’s Sovereignty as the “Owl-Star” Cast of Professor Owlester and His Students Return with Adventures in Faith and Fun

The third installment from the much-loved Owlegories series, which ranks as the No. 1 selling new children’s DVD brand in Christian retail for the past year, Vol. 3 features lessons in refining fire, the greatest gift and God’s sovereignty, as well as brand new music and a new character—Uncle Fly—voiced by A&E Duck Dynasty’s “Uncle” Si Robertson.

What’s cool about this is that you can view it online before you buy it:  Go HERE and sign-up!  You will get a link to watch it on your computer or smartphone!

cupcake jones

Princess Cupcake Jones and her series of stories are always ready and by your side to escape reality into a story of imagination. The series was written by author Ylleya Fields who was struck by the limited number of titles featuring African American characters, which is why she created Princess Cupcake Jones! Each book tells its own unique story, while at the same time, teaching children valuable lessons that parents will appreciate and that children will enjoy.

I think the plot of this book is just perfect for both mom and kids alike!  It is a great lesson on why kids need to clean up their rooms!!!  😉

Buy Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu here on Amazon!

original squeeze

Snacking on-the-go no longer mean disastrous back seat messes thanks to The Original Squeeze. With a patented, spill-proof nipple, The Original Squeeze is perfect portable pouch for babies 6 months and older to enjoy fresh, home-made foods anytime, anywhere! Then wash and reuse, saving money and the environment.

I regularly buy baby food pouches to give my 2 year old as a snack.  In fact, each time I go grocery shopping, she gets a “squeezy fruit” that she eats while I shop.  I love the idea of having a reusable pouch.  This will be awesome for our own homemade apple sauce to go in.  (Read HERE for an awesome trick on speeding up your apple peeling process if you make your own apple sauce!)

Buy The Original Squeeze over here on Amazon! or Buy Buy Baby!


I have a Mother Tucker Scoop Neck Ultimate Compression Tank from Belly Bandit that will come in handy this summer!  It smooths your”muffin top,” has a tummy-flattening center, has a 3-inch anti-roll bottom, and holds its shape wash after wash.  I’m sure all of us moms want the perfect shape wear to wear underneath summer t-shirts or tanks that hides our muffin top or “mom buldge”.  My favorite part about this is the Muffinolofy ™ techology that really does not roll!  I have a similar body shaping tank that I always have to pull down, and the bottom rolls up.  this one is worth the price though, because it does not ride up or roll!

Buy a Scoop Neck Compression Tank Top here on Amazon or on BellyBandit.com

WCTH Troubled Hearts

When Calls The Heart – Heart of a Hero

When Calls The Heart – The Heart of a Hero is episode 2 of season 3. Big revelations are in store for Hope Valley as Elizabeth moves into her own rowhouse, dismaying Jack, who has been planning to build a new home for the both of them. Rosemary discovers that Lee has taken out a loan and worries that he is in financial difficulties. And Jesse, the young drifter who works in Abigail’s kitchen, has information that could ruin Pastor Frank’s good standing in Hope Valley, and begins his plan to extort the pastor with an old “Wanted”, poster

This is not the first time I have gushed over this Hallmark TV series.  It seriously is my favorite TV show right now – and I have to admit that I’ve watched episodes over and over again via Netflix.  This episode is not on Netflix yet – so I’m happy that I have a DVD copy.

Buy When Calls the Heart – Heart of Hero here on Amazon!

matt's munchies

Now you can ditch the sugar-packed snacks and calorie-dense foods for a healthy alternative like Matt’s Munchies, a three-ingredient fruit snack that contains one serving of fruit per package. Each Matt’s Munchies snack is USDA Organic, Gluten-free, Kosher-Pareve, Vegan and Non-GMO Project Verified. Available in delicious flavors like Island Mango and Apple-licious, the fun roll-up is the perfect on-the-go snack for the littles ones this summer.

We had the mango flavor to try at our house.  The fruit comes in flat bite size squares.  I gave my 2 year old one bit just to try.  Then she ran off and played for a bit.  She kept coming back and saying “more fruit snack please,” time after time, until the entire package was gone!  I like this because it is organic, contains just fruit, and is super easy as a on-the-go snack.  Since the fruit is dry, this is not messy, and is great to give to a toddler!  (but its so yummy that mom will want some too!)

Buy Matt’s Munchies over here on Amazon!

veggie chips

These light, crispy Disney character-shaped chips are made with dehydrated vegetables blended together to create a chip with 45% less fat than traditional potato chips – all with a taste that’s kid-approved. Not to mention, these chips are a good source of vitamin A, C, E, K and B6, with the following values of veggies per serving: 2.5 cups broccoli; 3.5 beets; 5 tomatoes; 7 cups spinach; 2 carrots.

These are perfect to have in the car as a snack for the kiddos!

Buy Good Health Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips over here on Amazon!

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