Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Toilet Paper Roll Wreath – Frugal Craft Projects

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Toilet Paper Roll Wreath – Frugal Craft Projects

 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Toilet Paper Roll Wreath – Frugal Craft Projects

I know we all can easily collect toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls – especially when I order large amounts of TP and paper towels on Amazon like deals from here and here!

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

 Materials you will need to make your own:

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

-Toilet paper rolls – I used about 30.  If you have paper towel rolls though, you’ll use less.

-circular base to hold the cardboard “petals.”  I just formed some rope from a brown paper bag to use.  A cross stitch hoop would also work well.

-some sort of flower decor to add to the cardboard petals.  I had scrapbook paper flowers on hand.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Or maybe you could buy the set of 6 flowers pictured above over at Amazon ( or this or this pastel set herefor just $6.68.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
I found a satin belt ribbon in my material scrap drawer that I used for the ribbon roses.  You can use any material you want.  All you do is roll it up and hot glue it until it looks like a pretty rose.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
Because I didn’t have any cross stitch hoops on hand, and didn’t want to buy one for this project, I just made my own circle base out of rope handles from a brown paper bag I had.  I just wrapped the rope around a small pot and used some hot glue to re-inforce the circular shape.  Toilet Paper Roll Crafts I had folded in half the toilet paper rolls (to create “tips” on the petals) and just cut them about 1/4″ in width.  Then I just proceeded to hot glue them in the pattern above on the rope circle.  
  Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

I continued glueing until I formed a wreath shape I liked.  No real pattern to follow – just eyed it until I liked it.
  Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
 I had some scrapbook flowers in my craft bin (that I probably grabbed at Michaels as a clearance item because they were cute) and used those along with the ribbon roses to embellish the toilet paper roll wreath.

All in all, this is one of the easiest frugal projects I think I have done.  I didn’t shop for any of the these supplies – I used just what I hand laying around my house.  I think it turned out pretty cute – right?  :)

If you have any unique crafts you’ve made from items you get dirt cheap/free using coupons, send them my way for possible posting!!

coffee filter wreath

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