Wegmans Digital Coupons:  42 New Coupons on Their App!

Wegmans Digital Coupons: 42 New Coupons on Their App!

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There are now Wegmans digital coupons on the Wegmans Smartphone app!

The normal 10 Wegmans coupons that come in the quarterly Menu Magazine are now on the Wegmans digital coupons that appear in the app, plus from time to time they add a few more digital coupons. Also note that the Wegmans App recently had major updates done to it, so you may have to delete your old version and download the new version.


Each of these expires 3/15/20:

$1/2 Wegmans Organic Greek Yogurt with Jammin’ Fruit Spread, 5.3 oz

Each of these expires on 3/22/20

$1.00 off any Wegmans Crostata, 16-19 oz

$1.00 off Wegmans FYFGA Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips, Family Pack

$2.00 off Packaged Prepared Veggie Bowl

$2.00 off Wegmans Cold Packaged or Hot Kettle Soup

$1.00 off any Wegmans Veg Bowl

$1.00 off Wegmans Prepackaged Veggies

$1.00 off any Wegmans Cleaned and Cut Veggies

$1.00 off Wegmans Organic Salad Blends, 11-16 oz

$2.00 off Wegmans Kung Pao Poke Bowl

$2.00 off Wegmans Fresh Cooked or Grilled Shrimp Purchase of $10 or more

$2.00 off any Wegmans Green Packaged Salad (including Poke Salads)

$1.00 off Wegmans Rigatoni Bolognese Pasta Bowl

$!.00 off Wegmans Homestyle Meatloaf Ready To Eat Packaged Meal

$1.00 off Wegmans Homestyle Meatloaf Ready to Eat Packaged Meal

$2.00 off any Asian Signature Meal

$2.00 off any Wegmans Family Pack Sushi

$1.00 off on any three Wegmans Organic Wholesum Fruit and Nut Bars

$1.00 off Atlantic Sapphire Salmon Fillet

$1.00 off Wegmans Everything Bagel Seasoning Shak’r, 3.2 oz

$1.00 off Wegmans Frozen Asian Meal, 22 oz

$1.00 off any Wegmans Frozen Organic Veggie Noodles

$1.00 off any Wegmans Frozen Cauliflower Crust Pizza

$2.00 off any Wegmans Slider Storage or Freezer Bags, 50-152 ct.

$2.00 off any Wegmans Kitchen & Trash Bags, 80-160 ct.


Each of these expires 3/29/20:

$2.00off Wegmans Soft Toothbrush Refill Head, 2 pk.


Each of these expires 4/19/20:

$1.00 off Wegmans Organic Gummy Vitamins, 60-90 ct.

$1.00 off any Wegmans Antispetic Oral Rinse, 2 pk

$1.00 off any Wegmans Sparkling Water Variety 24 pk

$1.00 off Wegmans Prepackaged Veggies

$1.00 off Wegmans Family Pack Root Vegetable Chips, Sea Salt 14 oz

$2.00 off any Wegmans Organic Wholesum Fruit & Nut Bars

$2.00 off Wegmans Moist Bath Tissue Refill Pack, Family Pack

$2.00 off Wegmans Advance Single Dose Premium Laundry Detergent Pods, 33 ct.

$2.00 off any Wegmans Advance Premium Laundry Detergent, 50-150 fl oz

$2.00 off Wegmans Disinfecting Wipes, Multi-Surface, Family Pack, 4 pk

$2.00 off Wegmans 2-3 ply Tissues, 10 boxes, Family Pack

$1.00 off Wegmans Be U Alkaline Water, 6 pk

$2.00 off Wegmans FYFGA Snack Nuts, 34-36 oz

$2.00 off Wegmans 2-ply Bath Tissue, Family Pack, 30 rolls

$2.00 off Wegmans Paper Towels, Family Pack, 12 rolls

Each of these expires 5/31/20:

$2.00 off Wegmans Food-Based Supplements

$1.00 off any Wegmans Hand Soap Refill, Family Pack


Go ahead and click on your Wegmans app now and click to clip all of the coupons.  That way if you have one of these items at checkout, the price will automatically come off like a Shopper’s Club deal and you don’t have to think about it.

Here is a quick 50-second video showing how the Wegmans digital coupons work:



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