Frugal Decor:  Wedding or Baby Shower Card Collage Keepsake

Frugal Decor: Wedding or Baby Shower Card Collage Keepsake

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Frugal Decor Tip:

After an event like a wedding or baby shower, you can a large stack of cards that you might feel bad just tossing away after the thank-you cards are written.  I knew I didn’t want to hang onto them forever, but I felt bad just throwing them in the garbage.  I came up with the idea make a card collage keepsake instead!

I liked this because I purposefully used the cards that everyone spent $3-$5 on.  And since they were part of a gift for me, it makes for a very frugal way to decorate your home in a meaningful way!

It was easy and fun to do – I basically just cut out my favorite designs and shapes from each card and glued it on scrapbook paper into the design above.  I got a scrapbook frame from Michaels and it now hangs in our bedroom.

 The one above is one I made with our wedding shower cards.

frugal decor

This is the one I made from my first daughter’s baby shower cards.


 I recently put together my new baby’s collage.  While I was at Target a few weeks ago, I was actually looking for a scrapbook frame and I found one on the clearance shelf!!!  It is hard to see in the picture, but the price tag says $3.23.  I sure didn’t want to pay the originally $13.99!  SCORE for me!

frugal decor

I’m proud of myself that I actually got Molly’s completed by now being that she’s just 4 months old.  I’m still trying to keep up with her baby book.  I for sure am battling baby #2 syndome that I’ve heard about from every other parent, but I got it done!  🙂

I guess since I was the youngest in my family, I’m trying hard to not have the baby be left out 😉

Do you have any other frugal or re-purpose decorating tips you’d like to share?  Send them my way for possible posting!

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