Wall Hanging Ideas: DIY and Where To Buy!

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*This is a guest post written by Ashley Lipman from instapainting.com*

An open wall is like a blank canvas on which you can display your creativity and personality. The opportunities for design schemes are endless– which can make it nearly impossible to make a decision about what to put up. That’s why today I’m going to show you some great wall hanging ideas – both DIY and where to buy ideas!

Hopefully, you will get some inspiration for your own wall hanging ideas DIY or wall hanging ideas on what to buy, both being affordable, and will look amazing on that wall that needs something uniquely new or needs updating.  

A Bespoke Art Piece

Imagine your favorite scene. Perhaps it’s a photo of your childhood home or the beach where you got engaged. If that doesn’t appeal, think of a photo of you with a lost loved one or your beloved pet who makes your family complete. According to the new pages from the Instapainting website, you can have these precious memories turned into a bespoke art piece for a reasonable price.

The best part about having a custom-made art piece for a wall hanging is that you can alter the style to suit your interior decor. A watercolor print adds a soft, whimsical vibe to a room while an oil painting is more formal and realistic. Choose something that suits your scene.  Plus a personalized piece of art makes is much more meaningful than generic wall decor that just looks nice.


Printed tapestries create a boho-inspired look that can bring a room together nicely. These versatile wall hangings can be strung casually, put on a custom hanger or even framed and mounted on the wall. Changing out tapestries is also an easy way to change the look of a room, giving it seasonal upgrades or updating look just because.

If you liked the trend of having motivational sayings printed and framed on your wall, you can emulate the look with a custom printed tapestry. Alternatively, have someone near and dear to your heart write something special and have it transferred to fabric for a personal touch. 


Plants add life to a room and add a creative element that is as functional as it is stylish. By choosing the right green plants, you can help with noise absorption and air purification. They can assist with humidity level regulation and have been shown to generally make people happier

There are plenty of ways to hang plants on the wall; the only limit is your creativity. Hang an upcycled gilded frame and mount green plants inside. Adhere mason jars or small terrariums to the wall for a more modern look. Even lightbulbs can be repurposed to make planters. While these wall hanging ideas all look great in the living room, don’t forget to add some in the kitchen and create an indoor herb garden.


Like tapestries, macrame is making a comeback in the modern home. This vintage-inspired look has numerous applications that can be personalized based on your family’s style and vibe. Hang a woven macrame display or a stylish bamboo rod with macrame as the medium for holding feathers, gems, flowers, tassels or golden moons and stars.

For a DIY approach, learn some basic macrame on an embroidery hoop. Test natural dyes to get a hippie-inspired look that balances free-spiritedness and class. Or if you don’t want to learn how to tie all of those fancy knots, try this easy DIY Yarn Wall Hanging!


Clocks are multi-purpose decor pieces. An oversized clock can be a regal addition to a large, open wall. A collection of different sized clocks can be hung in an array for a whimsical look that brings forth feelings of Alice in Wonderland. If you have a loved one who lives elsewhere, arrange clocks that reflect different timezones with a name attached to each.

With a kit, you can turn the wall itself into a clock. Use a decal for numbers or have photos arranged around the circumference to create a one-of-a-kind wall hanging. 

Hopefully one of these ideas will help you give a blank wall some extra personality.  These are easy ways to dramatically change a room, that are affordable or don’t take tons of time!

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